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t15807.52021-04-04opinion :Kuna Character#2 I did not mean that, but that I would have liked her to be the legitimate daughter of Avaro and Fia
t15807.12021-04-04opinion :Kuna CharacterI would have liked Kuna to be a daughter related by blood although fia is a deity and it is impossible but .. heheh
t13240.42019-12-06Patch English Rescue ..yup the interface patch .. anyone?
t13240.12019-12-02Patch English Rescue ..Anyone have the patch in English? :(
t7128.252019-10-27Who do you like better?same
t11111.152019-10-17VNDB ThemeI'll make CSS with Saya ;) ... I will take yours as an example :D
t12235.182019-09-18There is no Netorare this time around#bobjr2000 I played this VN full .. It doesn't have Netorare The ones that tag NTR are troll tag .maybe release out fandisc I don't know with ntr
t11176.62019-05-14VotesRegularly when talking about an amateur group seldom . I do not give importance .....but I liked this art. -Maybe they are negative votes for
t12182.62019-05-14Where are these 3 scenes?thank you :') I finally finished the game
t11176.42019-05-09VotesThose are troll votes .. 10/10 :D
t7128.212019-05-03Who do you like better?#17 same ... :'( I really rated setsuna as the girl of my dreams but that scene made me blood .
t12235.132019-04-30There is no Netorare this time aroundFor many It hurt them .. NTR for me is something trivial :o
t11713.12018-12-24vn Question (?What is your favorite VN ? it doesn't matter the genre xD
t11504.12018-11-11My most played VN's in RPG,ADV and SRPGI always wanted to do a TOP of my VN's more played and here my compilation. 1- Kamidori Alchemy Meister (SRPG game) I've been playing for almost 2
t9598.12017-09-01new history or continuation ?I would like to know if it is the original continuation to the Miyako route or new history. :?
t9422.12017-07-18Your votes is a game? You not know of VNBad user
t9278.72017-07-18Item list, and where to find it?Patch available
t9199.22017-07-06I like this styleI would recommend Eushully games But I do not know if it will please you because Eushully style is more mythological
t9145.22017-05-19A Good EndingHa ha there are no good endings. Even in the anime there was not .
t8329.42017-02-21Coming soon vn.Previously. I played Mashiro iro no Symphony. And I like it ♥ ... and the characters are more Kawaii >..<. That's why I wanted to play this game. ^^
t8329.12016-10-03Coming soon vn.This Work "Palette" It looks promising :')
t7128.72016-06-17Who do you like better?Setsuna is More Kawaiii....."Setsuna forever"
t7177.12015-11-26Moo,(>.<) The protagonist is very old.Expected a protagonist as Tatsuya or Caim.
t5973.92015-09-08Eustia is that you?I like the job and Art of (August) .With respect to the faces, I feel like the characters are reincarnated in another, so , I love . waiting Release .