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t15649.42022-10-26Steam version is censoredHopefully they got rid of the pedobait outfits for the child.
t7981.12016-07-02Undelete? Maybe?It seems the Lemmasoft forum has been updated since Apr 19, 2015 with it being slated for Winter 2015. (Which has passed but..) link However the
t7442.2662016-02-16Game inclusion in the DBSo we going to get rid of the Ar Tornelico series finally for being an RPG and not a VN? I know that was debated.
t6918.62015-09-12GD of MTBMMCAHANIHTDWAGSAADBWWMIABWhat's wrong with the title length. All those Light Novels coming out seem to have super long titles. Usually starting with "ore".
t3867.32015-06-29About the english versionIt looks like one of those "text only" webpage translations that honestly shouldn't be listed as a "patch" or whatever and should be it's own
t6240.42015-02-18Yaoi route in straight H-gamesEh I'd say that tag is a bit misleading. You load up a bishoujo eroge and you end up with your best friend, is not what one would expect. That tag
t6169.112015-02-04Tag for games lacking scene replayMost otome games don't seem to have a scene replay, only a log. Mobile games usually don't Seems to be useful to tag it.
t5946.272014-12-31Play eroge games? Wanna take a survey?The survey seemed to be a standard survey to me. Biased towards men playing eroge in the fact that on a few questions it was about preference of girl
t6048.512014-12-30Staff & Seiyuu Database TestingI see a composer there, but what about a spot for vocals (as in a singer for maybe the OP or ED songs as some VNs have those) Also "Vocals" is
t2108.6262014-07-02Candidates for deletion@614 Then maybe a category for "read along" could be made, instead of making people think there will be a patch or there is a patch.
t2108.6132014-06-29Candidates for deletionr7759 <-- It states in the very description that it is not a patch at all but a "read along text guide" Thus should be deleted as it is not a trial
t5326.62014-06-22Unique/Funny nukiges?How is v2104 an "otome game" I don't think you understand what an otome game is. It's just a regular "bishoujo game" nukige.
t3228.142014-03-09Is it really visual novel?This game is basically a stat builder ADV game. You get Capers and such which are little side quests. There's a super abundance of text that happens
t5011.102014-02-26Is this "Night of the Sickle Weasel?"They Wooleyized it? No thanks. I know the title "Night of the Sickle Weasel" best and was hoping someone would fan-patch it. Now Aksys games has
t5094.12014-02-25Traced Art From Altelier TotoriFYI this game (at least the cover art) was traced from Atelier Totori, so any money you give for this is going for traced/stolen art work. So more
t5032.22014-02-10unfinished game(?)Well I can't seem to get the game to run, it's missing "cambria.ttc" so...
t3617.2282014-01-28Tags suggestions/fixesCan we roll Psionics into ESP (or vice-versa) ESP is listed as "Psychic Powers" etc. Psionics is listed as "Psychic Abilities" etc. making both
t5021.12014-01-27How to window?Is there a way to window this game. It seems to want to fullscreen. I've even tried the -w, -nof (specific to Shockwave/Flash things).
t450.172013-11-13Fading Hearts -GD-I feel sorry for the people that payed $15 for a game with an inane plot (seriously y2k bug?) and more typos than you can shake a stick at.
t2045.22013-08-30Unofficial Shikkoku no Sharnoth Keyword DatabaseYou forgot: "The Black Tome of Alsophocus" (appears in the collection "New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos", 1989) Kind of a major thing. Also need a
t3657.102013-08-18This story is just too confusing (BEWARE SPOILERS)From what I have read, and this may be wrong: She forgets she has a younger sister, because the sister becomes the "brother". So She hang her brother
t3228.122013-08-08Is it really visual novel?I can confirm this is a visual novel with game elements. I was just about to add it as new.. oh well..
t436.142013-08-04discussionWhy doesn't "Unavoidable Protagonist Rape" show up under the tags, that needs to be there as a trigger warning for people that aren't expecting it.
t4122.4972013-07-31Too bad they are ruining this game.I'm just not getting why they wanted to SANITIZE the game. I can understand for some companies they want to make a non-ero version to appeal to a
t1233.112011-03-02The denied "Bishoujo Game" tagWiki has a better definition: A bishōjo game (美少女ゲーム, bishōjo gēmu?, literally "pretty girl game"), or gal game (ギャルゲーム, gyaru gēmu?, often shortened
t1233.12011-03-01The denied "Bishoujo Game" tagI was actually going to create this tag, but saw that it was already created and denied. It is basically a companion to the "Otome Game" tag. Only
t436.112011-02-28discussionNo mean NO period. If she isn't enthusiastically saying YES YES YES then it's NO. That's how consent works. None of this "playing hard to get", or
t1096.62011-02-28Eithea - visual novel?If Ar Tonelico is a VN then this one should be honestly. :P
t1229.12011-02-28Strange Japanese RatingI was adding a game to the DB however the rating it gets is this: link Which doesn't seem to be a rating at all, yet "Unknown" didn't seem to fit as
t1187.52011-02-28English versions, should the page be altered?If BlazBlu counts as a VN, do the Luminous Arc games also count? They are similar to SakuTai.