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t7576.12016-03-24What!?What!? What!!? What is this? What are those? I've never heard about this, it doesn't have a description, nothing's there yet, but it looks really
t7060.112015-10-25VNDB 2.25: High Speed, Low VelocityDang. VNDB was fast, now it's faster. Thanks for all the hard work you put into making this website great!
t6939.32015-10-04Full Opening revealedAll aboard the hype train! Oh, man, I'm excited... Really wish I could read Japanese...
t6984.12015-10-04English TranslationsI know that, from the releases, no group has officially said "we are going to translate this". If there was that, there'd be something about an
t6972.172015-09-30VNDB is 8 Years OldWoo! Happy B-Day, VNDB! Never knew you existed that long. Like Formis said, I've been here barely any time at all, but I hope to stick around a while
t6924.12015-09-13Concerning the EndingsThis is about the endings. Spoilers. This is primarily concerning endings A and AA, as I have seen them called. In case you haven't heard of these
t6356.132015-09-08Woah, whoa, "True sequel"? :OSo, Nitro+ is working on this? Or not? Also, if it was a true sequel... wouldn't it take place after the true ending? Perhaps this is the story of
t6826.32015-08-13StellarenAh, it looks like Savagetiger worked on the releases for Stellaren. I'm ashamed to say I don't know how to edit releases, sadly... If you could do it
t6826.22015-08-13StellarenEr, I did that? That was quite a long time ago; I don't quite recall, but if you say I did, you're probably right. Yeah, I agree with you, I found
t6769.32015-07-27looking for vn title of this character9 minutes, dang. Nice job @dk382.
t6010.52015-06-14Doubts about main plot (MAJOR Spoilers!)New question after finishing the entirety of FHA, and not just the main ending... ipohmari is on the dot when (s)he said Caren will not remember
t6010.42015-06-14Doubts about main plot (MAJOR Spoilers!)I was also confused about the ending... First, why was Avenger trying to save Bazett? I thought he was pure evil, but that seemed like a really