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2021-01-287.3FinishedAdabana Itanpretty okay all around but it's pretty and the 現 end is a nice way to end the game2021-01-172021-01-272020-06-18
2020-12-056.8FinishedAete Mushi Suru Kimi to no Mirai ~Relay Broadcast~had more fun with the cast than harupoco. routes were a mixed bag though.2020-11-042020-12-042012-11-30
2016-07-135FinishedAirdream is meh, summer is pretty ok, and air would have been better if it didn't drag out so much2016-07-132000-09-08
2020-05-257.3FinishedAonatsu Linegreat atmosphere and music, routes are also nice with palatable seishun themes, although Miki route gets a bit heavier. I can understand what made it happen, why it had to happen, and the aftermath, but miki....... (頭で納得してるけど心ではそこまで納得していないの図。頭で納得してるけど) also this game is on the short side.2020-05-192020-05-252019-03-29
--FinishedAruruu to Asobo!!ウィツァルネミテア戦記: I'm bad at these kinds of games but the new music was pretty cool. A certain hidden character made me laugh. | リーフの塔: scenario is amusing at times, but most of the time out of character. there were some nice remixes. gameplay is super repetitive at times but there was a dank cg at the top so worth it tbh https://vgy.me/bkQ9vM.png | グエンディーナの魔女: kind of complicated but sort of(?) addicting. I didn't expect there to be a (pretty good) story in this. plus they put some kami bgm from routes here for a super hype final stage. probably better than the whole of magical antique tbh. | り~ぽん: pretty fun once you get the hang of it, but RNG can get mean at times. I never want to hear the match music again... | other: staff comments were cool https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/184518733639712768/325675951201583104/unknown.png (1/28/18)2018-01-282004-04-28
2021-01-078.1FinishedATRI -My Dear Moments-thank you2021-01-032021-01-062020-06-18
2021-09-016FinishedBaku Ane ~Otouto Shibocchau zo!~2020-02-202021-08-312014-01-31
2017-04-147.2FinishedBaldr ForceKAGAYAKU NAMIDA WO ATSUMETE; had fun with the mech stuff even though I'm bad, although some felt forced in; story is a hell of a ride but shows its age, most characters aren't that memorable2017-04-142002-11-01
--Finished, EnglishClannad(English) already watched the anime but it was okay, age and key production values(tm) were prevalent; kotomi is still best girl thanks2016-08-302004-04-28
2016-12-124FinishedComic Partyrepetitive gameplay and weak routes (asahi is great though), music that wasn't character themes was pretty bland2016-12-121999-05-28
2017-08-079.9FinishedDai Gyakuten Saiban 2 -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo-interest continuously ramped up, new music and animations are great, please protect asougi and barok. Takumi Murdered Me in Cold Blood and is Standing There Laughing at Me2019-08-072017-08-03
2017-01-237FinishedDai Gyakuten Saiban -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken-it's obvious that it sets up stuff for a sequel but great music and character models/animations make it enjoyable2017-01-232015-07-09
2019-06-147FinishedDestino:makurage: the fight scenes are so long. there are actually some very good bgm tracks.2019-06-142004-08-15
2018-10-038.2Finished, EnglishDies irae ~Acta est Fabula~English2017-09-062009-07-24
2021-03-046FinishedDoukyuuseifun game. kurumi is good. I know being an oldge the amount of story for each individual character wouldn't be that much but i enjoyed it for what it was.2021-03-272021-03-031992-12-17
2016-02-156FinishedEden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.(English) both the first half INTRIGUE and the latter half romance could have been developed better2016-02-152009-09-18
2017-07-137Finished, Englishef - A Fairy Tale of the Two.(English) the mizuki stuff at the end was good, although first tale could have put more foreshadowing; emotional flutter is GOOD2017-07-132006-12-11
--FinishedGarfpg: Garf Play the Game2021-05-212021-05-212021-05-21
2021-05-117.5FinishedGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-I don't know it was possible to make main heroines so boring. BUT noritsune please kill me thanks.2021-03-272021-05-102021-03-26
--Finished, EnglishGyakuten KenjiEnglish2009-05-28
2020-09-128FinishedGyakuten Kenji 2due to having putting off playing this for years, the rush of gyakuten into my veins felt so fucking good... I love this series... これで局長御剣へと繋がるわけですね……納得。2020-09-032020-09-122011-02-03
--Finished, EnglishGyakuten SaibanEnglish2001-10-11
--Finished, EnglishGyakuten Saiban 2English2002-10-22
--Finished, EnglishGyakuten Saiban 3English2004-01-23
--Finished, EnglishGyakuten Saiban 4English2007-04-12
--Finished, EnglishGyakuten Saiban 5English2013-07-25
2016-10-027.4Finished, EnglishGyakuten Saiban 6English2016-10-022016-06-09
2020-09-288.6FinishedHakuchuumu no Aojashin空にはもう果てがないから2020-09-252020-09-282020-09-25
2018-08-265.5FinishedHarmonEyheroine is cute I guess and as a nukige it's not too bad2018-08-262018-02-23
2020-01-185.6FinishedHatsuyuki Sakurasotsugyou propaganda2020-01-172012-02-24
2018-06-093.5FinishedHello Again:makurage: the comedy/sol is great but the plot is bad. I just remember weird shit happening in izumi/misao route. what am I saying is most of the game barely made sense. has voiced protagonist though which is sweet.2018-06-092000-05-26
2020-12-026.7FinishedHibikino-san-chi wa Eroge-ya-san!速水静乃しか勝たん2020-11-272020-12-012020-11-27
2017-06-285.5Finished, EnglishHigurashi no Naku Koro niEnglish2017-06-282002-08-10
2016-12-178.3Finished, EnglishHimawariEnglish2016-12-172007-12-31
2018-02-248.3FinishedHimawari Aqua After - The Day the Moon Stood Stillpretend that the release I have is the android one!!2018-02-242010-08-14
2017-06-118FinishedHoshi no Ouji-kunthanks nagata. actually the most fun I've had with an eroge2017-06-112011-01-28
2016-06-087FinishedHoshi Ori Yume Miraiit's so long you can actually call it a 人生ゲーム. I only remember misa having hot h-scenes2016-06-082014-07-25
--FinishedHoshi Ori Yume Mirai - Rikka to Anata no 1-Shuunen Kinen, Icha Love...2015-06-29
2020-09-217.3FinishedIriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu2020-09-182020-09-212007-01-11
2020-10-107.4FinishedIriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu II「好きな人が、できたから」2020-09-212020-10-092007-10-25
2016-04-264FinishedKanonshiori best girl. what the FUCK was mai's route.2016-04-261999-06-04
2016-02-065FinishedKatawa Shoujowhy did I play this after wa22016-02-062009-04-29
2021-11-025.2FinishedKeiken Zero na Classmate Pipretty mediocre seishun game but the art is nice and the OP slaps pretty hard. also mikumo is based.2021-10-282021-11-012021-10-28
2018-12-187.5FinishedKimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de:makurage: the writing kinda gets in a bunch of places but when it's good it's good. although the ending is.....................that. also the gameplay gets repetitive after you figure out the 'pattern'.2018-12-182008-12-26
2020-12-166FinishedKimi to Yumemishiモモケン√待ってる2020-12-082020-12-152016-07-29