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c75144.432021-06-04 at 15:20alpalinKusunoki HareShe is no coodere thats for sure.
c65108.232020-09-20 at 20:14alpalinKoshimizu KasumiAdding sexual traits.
c65110.122020-09-10 at 01:18alpalinYamabuki YoshinoAdding sexual traits.
c65109.142020-09-10 at 01:11alpalinHanamori ShioriAdding sexual traits.
c47839.152020-08-07 at 04:59alpalinOkazaki MiharuAdded an alias.
c3886.212020-08-06 at 00:43alpalinKazama ShouichiJust some fitting personality traits.
c90096.52020-05-23 at 00:07alpalinCattleyaThere was no personality trait for her here so this is how i see her.
c28574.112019-12-25 at 06:02alpalinWashio RinThere is Classic Tsundere Heroine tag on this but no Tsundere tag on any of them so i think Washio Rin is the one.
c85520.32019-10-17 at 20:05alpalinIbuki YoukouIn Arisa's route he see through all plans,so i think smart is fair trait for him.
c21332.42019-10-14 at 01:31alpalinAkari HikaruKind and friendly how Shun describes her.
c26600.262019-04-08 at 14:04alpalinTogakushi Toukoshe says she is orphan, didn't finish route yet tho...
c26598.272019-04-03 at 10:34alpalinInaba MeguruShe is wearing Contact Lenses every day.
c34578.172019-02-28 at 15:47alpalinHatsuaki SoutaHis mom calls him Sou-chan.
v17376.402019-01-07 at 21:09alpalinWatashi ga Suki nara "Suki" tte Itte!at description Yuki-->Yuuki
c9887.162017-10-14 at 15:55alpalinStacy Connorshe had a Psychological Trauma in military?? didn't read her route in a-3 yet so correct me if i wrong.
c3886.192017-01-25 at 01:04alpalinKazama Shouichihe is whimsical i think