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t12040.32019-03-12Analysis of steam user reviews#2 That's a really good question, I was curious about that too. There's a flag for whether someone purchased a game on Steam or just entered a key
t12040.12019-03-11Analysis of steam user reviewsIf the quote “our language is the reflection of ourselves” is true, then what could we learn from Steam user reviews (other than that we deserve
t11770.32019-01-05Major problem with VN communityWhen I saw a brand new account posting a lengthy manifesto I was expecting a far more unhinged essay than it turned out to be, I'm
t11220.72018-09-13Analysing EVN and JVN fans on Steam#6 There are certainly a lot more non-otomes than otome VNs out there, my stats had it that around 1/3rd of VN owners also owned otomes. But can you
t11220.52018-09-12Analysing EVN and JVN fans on Steam#2 Yep I expect JOPs are more likely to be using Mangagamer/Denpasoft/JAST or just pirate stuff, whereas EVN-only readers are likely to stick with
t11220.12018-09-12Analysing EVN and JVN fans on SteamI wasn't sure whether to append this to my last discussion post on Steam VNs, but that seems to have become a bit of a general discussion on Steam
t11175.182018-09-07The state of VNs on Steam#17 I think a certain degree of popularity is necessary to save the industry. The Japanese anime/VN industry had been struggling of late due to an
t11175.72018-09-05The state of VNs on Steam#5 It took around a month for my program to collect the Steam data, as I was checking around 40k profiles a day. Then linking that data with VNDB
t11175.32018-09-05The state of VNs on Steam@2 While I think talk of censorship is overblown, I agree there will always be some types of content that won't be welcome on Steam, nukige/loli
t11175.12018-09-05The state of VNs on SteamI’ve recently read a few thoughtful discussion threads on the state of the VN market here in the West. Some taking a negative stance, some with a
t11174.12018-09-05Test formattingI’ve recently read a few thoughtful discussion threads on the state of the VN market here in the West. Some taking a negative stance, some with a
t10856.262018-07-02New VN Recc site launched@24 Thanks Yorhel! @25 Yeah we're planning to add more VNs to it every month. We're also working on an improved recc algorithm. Just knowing genre
t10856.232018-06-30New VN Recc site launched@22 Ah yep, it's mostly just based on whether there was any release on that platform ever. We're trying to fix those errors, but with 363 VNs to
t10856.212018-06-30New VN Recc site launched@20 Thanks! I'm glad you like the site~ We got a little over 20k votes on the newbie sorter. We didn't attach votes to users, so I don't know how
t10856.182018-06-28New VN Recc site launched@17 Thanks! I just added content warnings around an hour ago, so they aren't fully tagged yet. I'll look into adding a beastiality warning.
t10856.162018-06-28New VN Recc site launchedAh thanks leery! I'll pass that on to Emi (who owns the host).
t10856.142018-06-28New VN Recc site launched@13 That's odd as I'm not seeing that problem at all. Is it still doing it with the updated Cocoro@Connect name?
t10856.122018-06-28New VN Recc site launched@11 I'm pretty sure it's not a server side action as it certainly isn't adding an email class to it. It's either an ISP or browser issue. Either way
t10856.102018-06-28New VN Recc site launched@9 lol what on earth. Did it really show [email protected]? That's Cocoro@Function (link). It seems to be showing ok for me, so do you perhaps have
t10856.82018-06-28New VN Recc site launchedThanks for the feedback kominarachromer. Some of the genre tags are a bit wonky as they were initially based on VNDB tags (anything with the yuri tag
t10856.12018-06-27New VN Recc site launchedUsing the data we got from our sorter quiz a few weeks ago, we finished our new VN recommendation site!! Thank you to everyone who voted on that
t10805.52018-06-13Newbie VN sorter quiz@4 Haha yep I saw that thread. Although despite all the arguments, I think the final voting results are actually pretty good. So I'm hoping the same
t10805.32018-06-13Newbie VN sorter quiz@2 Yep, it can be pretty hard to vote in such a general case, every newbie is going to have different priorities. That's why the plan is to first
t10805.12018-06-13Newbie VN sorter quizIt seems all the craze this month to be discussing newbie VN recommendations. In collaboration with Fuwanovel, I've been working on a little VN
t2108.23562018-05-28Candidates for deletion#2355 Alright, thanks for the clarification!
t2108.23542018-05-28Candidates for deletion#2353 ah ok, my mistake then. I got confused due to Yorhel's comment: "VNDB does not track in-progress VNs from publishers without any past releases."
t2108.23522018-05-28Candidates for deletionAnother VN Danganronpa Team that's been stuck on "TBA" for over a year now.
t10645.92018-05-19Predicting sexual activity in VN chaarctersThe male version of our sexual prediction quiz is now up here. Have fun~
t10645.62018-05-14Predicting sexual activity in VN chaarcters@2 Yeah in its current form, it's not that useful for really understanding tropes (unless you just select one option each time). The male version
t10645.12018-05-13Predicting sexual activity in VN chaarctersI've been analysing the sexual content of VNs, what's become more common, what gets the best ratings, and what content tends to come together; and
t10605.62018-05-09Contrasting the Japanese and Western VN Fandoms@5 talking of poor translations, I was thinking of trying to do a ranking of translators using that approach. Compare the pot-translation average
t10605.42018-05-08Contrasting the Japanese and Western VN Fandoms@2 Thanks fuukanou! And yeah I should have found a way to deal with so many of those points, perhaps only shown more popular stuff, or made the dots
t10605.12018-05-08Contrasting the Japanese and Western VN FandomsUsing the user data here on VNDB vs user scores on erogamescape, I wrote up an analysis here on the differences in the Japanese and Western fandoms
t10050.42018-01-16VNConf 2018@3 There's a few ways to keep an eye on it: * Discord: there will be a dedicated discord setup for it next year, but currently it's run out of a
t10050.22018-01-16VNConf 2018For those who might be interested, a playlist of all the speeches at VNConf18 and my presentation on Trends in Visual Novels is up on youtube here. I
t10050.12017-12-19VNConf 2018For those interested in the development side of VNs, VNConf is coming up soon on Jan 13, 2018. There will be 18 speakers from various parts of the
t10005.272017-12-19Visualising the VN MarketEarlier on there was a request for a High Sexual Content chart. The results didn't show anything dramatically different than the nukige chart, just a
t10005.232017-12-15Visualising the VN Market@22 I'm planning to break down that big "plot focused" blob into many more categories in the next post, but the subcategories don't tend to be as
t10005.212017-12-14Visualising the VN Market@18 Ah I thought about the model applied to Steam games data too, it'd be really fascinating. The problem is getting the data though, having to
t10027.12017-12-14TestingYou have been visited by the bunny fairy. Pass it on or else the next 5 VNs you read will be shit.
t10005.172017-12-12Visualising the VN Market@16 It's a custom model I coded up myself, roughly based on the paper here: link I can go into the maths of it if you're interested?
t10005.152017-12-11Visualising the VN Market@14 Thanks eacil, I'll give that a try and see if it changes the results at all in my follow up post.
t10005.132017-12-11Visualising the VN Market@7 For the "full releases" stuff, we just went off that VNDB had classed as a full release. In terms of the untranslated VN positions, it'd be
t10005.42017-12-11Visualising the VN Market@2 Oh sorry, I should have explained the id requirement better, it needs your id number, not your name. Here is a link for your result: link @3 I
t10005.12017-12-11Visualising the VN MarketTo what extent could you map out the VN scene? All the various fandoms, the EVN vs JVN split, translated vs untranslated. Using the voting data here
t9852.12017-11-05Lynne GDI wrote up a few thoughts about Lynne here if anyone is interested~
t4894.132017-10-08MLA Review@12 That's my mistake in referring to it as a review sorry, it's just some thoughts they had upon finishing it. As for your Mikoto theory, it's
t4894.112017-10-07MLA ReviewA friend of mine just wrote a little review of MLA here if anyone is interested. I really thought it was interesting~
t9250.12017-06-01Hair Tropes in VNsI did a little analysis on male hair tropes in VNs using the character tag data here on vndb, looking at which traits tended to come up more often
t9175.32017-05-10Trends with VN Protagonists@sakurakoi Yep, you're right about the "Trends" vs "Connections" label. I just kept the trend title to fit in with the series as a whole, as it