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r63827.12019-05-21 at 04:46devgru-pSnuff Flag - Or Like Light on a Water LilyAdded release info
r63826.12019-05-21 at 04:45devgru-pSnuff Flag - Or Like Light on a Water LilyAdded release info
p9126.12019-05-21 at 04:44devgru-pKamin GamesAdded basic info
v25799.12019-05-21 at 04:42devgru-pSnuff Flag - Or Like Light on a Water LilyAdded basic details
r49942.42019-05-04 at 06:38devgru-pNeko Club - Download EditionDEVGRU-P added
r49994.32019-05-04 at 06:38devgru-pNeko Club - Package EditionDEVGRU-P added
r63501.22019-05-04 at 02:27devgru-pKinetic Love DaysAdded dev
p9094.12019-05-04 at 02:26devgru-pWeapons Grade WaifusAdded developer
r63501.12019-05-04 at 02:26devgru-pKinetic Love DaysAdded release info
v25735.12019-05-04 at 02:25devgru-pKinetic Love DaysAdded VN info
r62886.12019-03-25 at 15:16devgru-pShe Wolves of the ReichAdded release info
v25538.12019-03-25 at 15:16devgru-pShe Wolves of the ReichAdded info
r62885.12019-03-25 at 15:13devgru-pCherry Blossom SelloutAdded release info
v25537.12019-03-25 at 15:11devgru-pCherry Blossom SelloutAdded basic info
r62884.12019-03-25 at 15:07devgru-pPanzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator - Blitzkrieg EditionAdded release info
r60560.52019-03-25 at 06:08devgru-pAzure Wing: Rising GaleRelease date added
r60559.32019-03-25 at 03:07devgru-pAzure Wing: Rising Gale - DemoFixed name
r60560.42019-03-25 at 03:07devgru-pAzure Wing: Rising GaleFixed name
r60432.22019-03-25 at 03:00devgru-pDawn Drop: Radiant BeginningsAdded publisher
r60560.32019-03-25 at 02:59devgru-pAzure Wing: Rising galeAdded producer
c81778.12019-03-23 at 18:01devgru-pOtto SkorzenyAdded basic info
c81777.12019-03-23 at 17:59devgru-pErwin RommelAdded basic info
c81776.22019-03-23 at 17:55devgru-pRudolf HessAdded gender
c81776.12019-03-23 at 17:55devgru-pRudolf HessAdded basic info
c81775.12019-03-23 at 17:52devgru-pJoseph GoebbelsAdded basic info
c81772.22019-03-23 at 17:48devgru-pAdolf HitlerAdded traits
c81773.32019-03-23 at 17:46devgru-pHeinrich HimmlerAdded traits
c81774.12019-03-23 at 17:46devgru-pHermann GoeringAdded basic info
c81773.22019-03-23 at 17:41devgru-pHeinrich HimmlerGender
c81773.12019-03-23 at 17:41devgru-pHeinrich HimmlerAdded basic info
c81772.12019-03-23 at 17:35devgru-pAdolf HitlerAdded basic info
v17711.52019-03-23 at 17:23devgru-pPanzermadels: Tank Dating SimulatorAdded staff
r62726.22019-03-23 at 17:21devgru-pMein Waifu is the FührerAge range
v25496.22019-03-16 at 05:03devgru-pMein Waifu is the FührerAdded staff
s18281.12019-03-16 at 05:01devgru-pWardaddyAdded staff info
v19616.122019-03-16 at 05:00devgru-pStay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Koreaadded director
v17711.42019-03-16 at 04:59devgru-pPanzermadels: Tank Dating SimulatorAdded team info
s18280.12019-03-16 at 04:57devgru-pWittmannAdded entry
r62728.22019-03-16 at 04:51devgru-pWhere Poppies Grow - Demoadded publisher
r62728.12019-03-16 at 04:50devgru-pWhere Poppies Grow - DemoAdded release
v25497.12019-03-16 at 04:48devgru-pWhere Poppies GrowAdded entry
r62727.22019-03-16 at 04:38devgru-pMein Waifu is the Führer - Banned in Deutschland EditionFixed language
r62727.12019-03-16 at 04:37devgru-pMein Waifu is the Führer - Banned in Deutschland EditionAdded release
r62726.12019-03-16 at 04:36devgru-pMein Waifu is the FührerAdded release
v25496.12019-03-16 at 04:33devgru-pMein Waifu is the FührerAdded entry on upcoming game
r49921.52018-09-27 at 20:45devgru-pAttack Helicopter Dating SimulatorReleased game
r57927.12018-07-15 at 22:22devgru-pSounds of Her Love ~We'll always be together~ (Steam Version)Created Steam Release version
p5340.132018-07-11 at 06:21devgru-pDEVGRU-PRemoved Patreon link
p5340.122017-10-18 at 02:18devgru-pDEVGRU-PFixed broken link.
p5340.112017-10-18 at 02:17devgru-pDEVGRU-PChanged formatting for description