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t12084.92019-05-16What do you think?We're World War II experts so it's going to be a pretty heavy parody, not just a meme machine (though concept wise it basically is that by default).
t6555.32015-05-31Producer Info DeletedRoger, will do! Thanks!
t6555.12015-05-31Producer Info DeletedHiya, I logged on today to see that the producer info, on "DEVGRU-P" had been deleted, and de-linked from the game "Panzermadels: Tank Dating
t6541.32015-05-30Unable to Assign Characters to GameThanks, fixed it!
t6541.12015-05-30Unable to Assign Characters to GameI'm trying to assign, Tiger I T-34 M4 Sherman IS-2 As main characters to the video game "Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator" but it gives me