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t12592.32019-07-11That was... awful lmaoAh, my bad
t12592.12019-07-11That was... awful lmaoKindly remind me to never play another eroge dealing with anything related to time travel, in this case time communication? The ending is one of the
t12543.12019-07-02Is this really a tone work's game?3 games in a row of pure love stories with innocent virgin heroines, and they give us a game of sluts. The main heroine sells her body, then author
t9543.42017-08-19/h code helpUse ITHVNR, it can hook pretty much all the games you'd want to play.
t9543.22017-08-19/h code helpWhen I played this game I was using the regular ITH, currently I'm using ITHVNR which I played Giniro Haruka with. Both of them work with any
t9529.12017-08-14Chinese translators are quite impressiveIt took only a week for the translation patch to be released. Even though this was a short game, it's still impressive. The difference in motivation
t8824.482017-08-09Bankrupt VN CompaniesNo one really cares if garbage eroge companies producing garbage games goes bankrupt. They went bankrupt in the first place because their game are so
t9255.12017-06-02I need some explanationsI finished the main route (Kureha) and was confused about one thing. The creepy conversation at the end of some chapters, with the creepy CG, I don't
t8413.202017-05-28The protagonistYou guys are quite unlucky that the translators decided to translate this game instead of one of the other 2. The other 2 games both have a much
t8946.42017-05-24Are the heroines virgins?If they aren't virgins then there wouldn't be a sequel or anime. In fact there'd be a big uproar against the company for scamming their customers
t9221.12017-05-24How long is this game?The Kaihou no Hane version. Whoever has played this how long did it take you? And was it any good?
t9183.62017-05-12Visual Novels that shouldn't exist^ They are not children bro. They are fictional beings drawn to look like children, their given age is over 18, as with all eroge characters. Having
t9167.22017-05-08Leyline 3 -GD-That ending was really really satisfying. Can't ask for a better ending than the trio getting back together with an older Omaru and investigating
t9152.222017-05-04Nyaa torrents is goneYou can download eroge with torrents here <Removed by mod. No piracy here please>
t8953.12017-03-17Do not let this eroge distract you from the factthat PSG blew a 4-0 lead.
t8866.42017-02-22To those interested in playing this gameIs this game supposed to be very sad? I might attempt to play it. Also mind giving me some details about the relationship between the protag and his
t8866.22017-02-22To those interested in playing this gameWhat is the patch even for? I remember attempting to play this game but ran into installation problems and after I finally installed it, the game was
t7898.72017-02-21Birth years for main charactersJapan has no laws at all regarding 2D child pornography. In fact Japan had no laws regarding child pornography at all until couple years ago. Even
t8863.12017-02-20What were the producers thinking?Jihad is the name of the main theme for this game, what the actual fuck? I started playing this game and got to the OP, where it showed that the name
t8809.42017-02-09Question for the agth/ITH/VNR usersNot just the first eroge I've played with text hooker but the first eroge I've ever played. I have been playing eroge with text hooking since the
t8743.42017-01-27What are the best selling Visual Novels?link
t8740.12017-01-26ITHVNRDoesn't seem to work with ITHVNR. It does generate the texts but everything is repeated. For example: Character: Blah Blah Blah. Character: Blah
t8538.72016-12-10When did voicing become the norm in visual novels?@5 Just by looking at the screenshots of your second example, it's as clear as day that it's a doujin work. If you compare it to literally any other
t8533.32016-12-08ComparisonBasically, Hikari has the best route, Saya is the best girl, Orihime's route was pretty good but Korona is just awful. Overall this was a great
t8189.32016-08-29This is why you use proven seiyuus in big titlesI haven't heard the sample voice, but it's usually just one or two lines, which won't make a big impression on you. Playing the game you have to
t8189.12016-08-29This is why you use proven seiyuus in big titlesHoly shit Hinata's voice is so terrible, I keep getting the urge to mute her throughout the game... Could of just gotten Momoi Ichigo to do her voice
t7969.22016-06-28happy end?Happy as in the protagonist ends up with each girl during their respective true ends? Yes. Happy as in you feel happy during the true ends? No. I
t4214.112016-06-11walkthrough + QuestionsThis game works a bit different than your average eroge. A lot of H scenes in this game are the same as side stories. While most if not all of them
t7195.42015-11-30About side routes/heroines routesI've only went through the side routes because I am a completionist. And despite being really short routes at around 2 hours for each, I'd say they
t7195.22015-11-30About side routes/heroines routesWhat are you talking about? Both the "ojou-sama" and "butler" are girls. You want some yuri action?
t6559.32015-06-02ITHThank you! It works perfectly now. Really appreciate the help.
t6559.12015-06-01ITHHello ITH or AGTH does not seem to work with this game, every thread you get big dots. It uses the BGI system I think. Anyone know how to hook the