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t14060.12020-05-26Favorite routeWhich route is your favorite or which girl you like the most? For me its Hikari Hikari-Orihime-Korona, Saya
t13654.32020-04-01Favorite heroineBoth routes for Kimika and Ayumu had a lot of boring parts for me, so they are on the same level in my eyes. And also they have a lot of similar
t13654.12020-03-09Favorite heroineWho is your favorite heroine? Use this thread for discussion. My order: Matsuri > Mao > Ayumu, Kimika Matsuri is the best!
t13400.12020-01-08Favorite heroineKanon for win!!!
t13349.142020-01-08Favorite heroineTo be fair, I didnt expect Misaki to have so many votes, but with they act like owarai comedy duo. Cro and Makoto also contributed in many routes.
t13349.52019-12-30Favorite heroineDude, this thread is not about Japanese pronounciation. Kuro is Japanese, because they cant spell something like Cro in their language, which in
t13349.12019-12-29Favorite heroine(Use this thread as much as you like to argue about your best heroine or route :D) I like all heroines, I think all of them are slightly better than