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t10670.492018-05-19Steam bans visual novelsoh boy, will this mark the end of sakuragame ? well, looking at the bright side, at least there wouldn't be another localization company that try to
t9560.342017-08-26Does not belong herei agree that this doesn't belong here, i believe VN, a medium that focused on its story, wouldn't have a limited time events story, no matter how
t9367.192017-07-03Sekai Project Anime Expo 2017 Annoucementswhy Yuzu-soft and Novectacle decided to switch from MangagamerSP already have connection with yuzusoft they announce tenshin ranman year ago i believe
t8729.42017-02-21Man there's a HD releaseyeah i know, i just feel like i'm being fooled who thought there would be HD release without wide screen support ? well, not me
t8729.22017-02-20Man there's a HD releasei just tried the HD version, and man, there's no wide screen support, i mean like, really, why did they make it HD in this time and age while keeping
t2108.18402017-01-30Candidates for deletionr49114, pc/steam version is shinovi versus not estival versus
t1052.1812016-08-11Quotes question...Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet i got the feeling it was about time i tied a weight to her and throw her into the lake. Steins;Gate "You