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t10132.42018-01-13Sorcery Jokers -GD-^ That's what I do with all my games
t10016.12017-12-12which is the script folder of the translation?Well pretty much the title explains all, I need to know which is the name of the script folder from the english translation bc I want to try to
t9964.52017-12-02English lyrics song PLEASE!Thanks to all for the responses and specially kazeno for the english translation. Thank you so much!
t9964.12017-12-01English lyrics song PLEASE!I'll be honest I love so much this song and every time when I play it its make me cry for no reasons (yeah yeah I'm a crybaby), it's just so
t9441.22017-07-22About censored versionh-scenes here are not that important here IMO, but if you like enjoy the plot and characters i would highly recommend you to play the +18 version
t8812.1962017-05-25Whose fault was it?Hello everybody, since this is a thread about white album 2 i would be pleased if you guys could give me a translation for this song: Hito wa