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r85632.42022-01-21 at 03:56sergio7888Linker Bell Academia ~Alchemist wa Koi Wazurau~ Trial EditionAdded Reference
r84317.32022-01-21 at 03:55sergio7888Linker Bell Academia ~Ryuuzoku no Fiance~ Trial EditionAdded Reference
c46810.252022-01-07 at 22:17sergio7888Akune ShinoRemoved deleted trait
c46810.242022-01-07 at 22:16sergio7888Akune Shinochanged trait to correct one
p12618.22022-01-02 at 20:49sergio7888Atelier MasoChanged to group
g3510.12022-01-02 at 19:37sergio7888PC Gamepad SupportCreation.
r84915.32021-12-26 at 17:09sergio7888Mahou Senshi Lemmtear Knights 2 - Trial EditionChanged to Trial type
r85667.32021-12-26 at 17:08sergio7888RE:D Cherish! - Trial EditionChanged to Trial type
v31040.62021-09-20 at 13:10sergio7888Gachinko! Bitch Club - SensationInverted relation
v31040.52021-09-20 at 13:09sergio7888Gachinko! Bitch Club - SensationIS a Sequel since Amino Miharu is in both games with different age.