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w1004.12020-11-21Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.I think I remember that the priority of this story was the development and imminent conclusion of the relationship of the protagonists (considering
w970.92020-11-19Saya no Uta@8 This is in proportion to the meme of yesteryear in which Nietzsche had to be read in order to fully enjoy Dies Irae. To try to make up for the
w970.22020-11-16Saya no UtaLeaving aside the logical analysis in the construction of the scenario and the different events, I definitely agree on the lack -and almost non
w917.32020-11-13Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~"I did not finish this and I don't intend to" I read it completely a few years ago, and yes, the best thing you can do is stop and pretend this story
w83.182020-11-07Muv-Luv Alternative"Having said that, Muv-Luv is far from flawless. Takeru, the main character, is introduced as kind of a dick. (Minor spoilers) This doesn’t change
w813.62020-10-22Kajiri Kamui KaguraI believe that the point of perspectives as a route is the most plausible response to this feeling of incongruity. Two years have passed since I read
w813.42020-10-22Kajiri Kamui KaguraExactly. If you add to that the fact that the routes had a distinctive approach between the different couples, the sensation of depth becomes even
w813.22020-10-21Kajiri Kamui Kagura@1 If we talk about my scores, there are several factors that influence them. While it's true that it didn't have the same levels of epicity, it
w806.32020-10-20Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~@1 While it is true that it could be an incentive in itself to appreciate the different facets of the protagonist considering his interactions with
t14012.52020-05-24Seriously?! (spoilers)"Do I literally have to uninstall and reinstall the game in order to get the other 2 endings?" Dude, you literally lost sight of the main objective
t13906.22020-05-15spoiler questionThis is a tremendous spoiler, and it's definitely one of the main pillars of the story: To keep from spreading, Risa was abused and raped by her
t10302.1272019-12-25Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadSame low rating on the same date (2019-08-30) link link link link link link link link link