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2020-11-184Ta ga Tame ni Karasu wa NakuWhere should I start...? I encountered several problems in the story of this title. To give some context, our protagonist was adopted by a hunter, and she led a quiet life in the mountains with him and his son; however, everything changed when she turned 6. Here there is a certain revelation about her birth, and what could have been the turning point in her life when she was thrown into the world of war, simply becomes a point totally omitted from the narrative and without any real impact on her psyche. Yes, there are some glimpses of regret or questioning after her time on the battlefield, but such thinking is limited to a mere monologue (there is no instance where the reader can really understand what she had to go through as a 6-year-old girl risking her life). I was quite disappointed with the way the story progressed, and when I thought it couldn't get any worse, a totally unnecessary character enters the scene, and I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that all I could think of at that moment was: "Oh no, not this clichéd development again!". The ending is something I expected for this kind of story, but with all the above, it can hardly be considered really satisfactory.
2020-11-138.5Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen HachimyoujinOnly Masada can match Masada.
2020-11-076.5Himegari Dungeon MeisterQuite unexpectedly, I think this has been one of the most solid instalment I've tried so far from Eushully (Fuukan, Madou, Kamidori). The gameplay was simple and entertaining, and Lily's growth mechanics were quite interesting. On a rather superficial note, Himegari is definitely a pretty dark title considering the company's latest releases (There are some pretty disturbing scenes for those who are not used to this kind of scenario), however, I still think it's worth playing given one of the best approaches I've seen in this medium to the concept of 魔王 (Completed routes: Lily/Sylphine/Estelle).
2020-11-049Hakuchuumu no AojashinThe first case is undoubtedly one of the best narrative experiences I have had in my whole life.
2020-10-294Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.3I was going to give this title a lower score for that aberrant start (Award for one of the most unnecessary and derisory conflicts, as well as the shortest antagonists in history), but my girl Mitsuki was simply awesome (Yuusuke doesn't deserve her). There are a couple of revelations about the world in question, as well as a rather drastic turnaround by the protagonist in front of the group, and beyond that there is not much else. I'm curious about how the story will continue in the future, because with what happened in this installment, practically the whole second part made absolutely no sense.
2020-10-284.5Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.2I enjoyed this part a little more than the previous one, since at certain moments it reminded me a lot of Swan Song (due to the collective survival and the inherent problems of living with others), and if we add to this the inclusion of characters like Kudo or Onodera (as well as the omission of the erotic content, relegating the great majority of the scenes to mere extras), then it only gets better. I think Sayaka has potential, however, I felt quite bad for Mitsuki throughout the reading.
2020-10-284.5Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga OsowarenaiI've been thinking for a long time about how I would rate this title, and that is that while the story is entertaining and introduces a rather interesting concept at the end, there are certain points that simply couldn't go unnoticed. The way in which the relationship between Yuusuke and Mitsuki develops is something quite typical of a "nukige", and while it is true that this could be justified through a "survival instinct" given the inherent pressure of an apocalyptic scenario, I still believe that it could have been given a better depth (too much emphasis on erotic content). Yuusuke as a protagonist is everything you would expect from a webnovel, so there is not much to highlight (although his personality presents certain "nuances" as the story progresses, so I guess that is something worth mentioning)
2020-10-256KakyuuseiSo I ventured into this title in the hope that it would be close to the experience I had with Kakyuusei 2, and to my surprise, there are a couple of things it is even superior at. Starting with the dynamic that occurs between some characters and the need to know how that dynamic develops in order to deepen in their respective joint stories, as well as the very high replayable value it has due to an impossibility to exploit this in the first game. In Kakyuusei 2 it was quite easy to miss the events, but I would dare to say that such scenario is repeated to a higher degree in this installment (the use of a guide is mandatory if you want to fully exploit these games). Regarding the cast, it's quite varied, so no one will definitely be indifferent (I found the cast of the sequel more solid, but I am definitely a big fan of Ryouko).
2020-09-177.5Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka?
2020-09-125.5Verethragna ~Seisen no Duelist~
2020-06-177.5Dies irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~This title is so short, but so good... I really enjoyed this story much more than I expected. First of all, the marked contrast between Claudia and Wilhelm is very well executed, allowing to generate scenes with comical, romantic and philosophical purposes of a very good level; the same happens with the rest of the cast, since seeing how they interact in a more mundane way only deepens the feeling of nostalgia after having finished the original game and KKK (special mention to Beatrice, whose interventions are always something I appreciate very much). To this, I must add that I didn't know I missed Reinhard and Mercurius so much until I saw them again; to this day, they remain indisputably one of the best antagonists I have seen in fiction, and that is that no matter how much time passes, I continue to enjoy their respective appearances and dialogues as if it were the first time. With respect to the scenario, we find ourselves with a story of the kind that Masada has accustomed us to, with a constant emphasis on romance and tragedy, and where a much more "human" approach is taken, with the main point of the narrative being light and darkness (life and death), and the true meaning of living (understanding the beauty and value of the finite). Shall I recommend its reading? Absolutely, since although it is true that it is somewhat distant from the main plot, it still has an evident solidity in its own right.
2020-06-076DiaboliqueThe concept presented to us through the scenario is quite interesting, since it makes an initial approach to the eternal dilemma of a character whose existence, although he could be envied by the rest as the pinnacle of "power", still denies his origins and constantly questions himself (as a being who does not die, in the face of how fleeting and beautiful finite life is). This dilemma extends to an even more existential one, since our protagonist is constantly despised and hated just for existing, he has no place to call home, and has to wander eternally in search of "something" that he doesn't even remember what it is. The story is, in simple terms: crude... VERY CRUDE. From the first few minutes, we are thrown what would be the typical background of a tragic heroine, so it is difficult not to be able to empathize with her circumstances and want to look after her well-being (This particular line is VERY painful to read: "神様... あたしの事が、きらいなのかな...?"). Azurite (アズライト) is a very good protagonist, and although it is true that he maintains a rather passive position towards humanity (very respectful and careful in the way he interacts), the way he relates to the "heroine" is one of the most adorable things I have read. The main problems I found are at a technical level, since being a relatively old eroge, it requires the typical exploration by options (Observe, speak, think, travel, etc), and in addition to this, it also presents some problems in terms of narrative rhythm (IMO).
2020-05-307Subaru no KishiBurakku Arune = besto Arune. I declare myself to be totally ignorant about videogames designed with this engine (RPG maker), so I don't know if it's an original soundtrack or a default one, but I really liked it. In terms of graphics or gameplay it's rather simple (although remember that it's an SRPG, so there is a degree of complexity inherent in the genre from a strategic factor), which is not entirely important, because here what stands out enormously are the characters and their different interactions. The feeling of comradeship of the party is widely achieved (which is mainly due to the fact that the personalities of the cast are very well defined), and as far as the main character is concerned, he fulfils his role as leader of the group, being consistent and maintaining an evident solidity throughout the story (the hot-blooded idiot who shows a huge concern for those around him, and who serves as the pillar that holds and keeps the whole group together). I was left with an enormous desire to see the continuation of Sirius' adventures, but that nice ending makes up for it completely.
2020-05-286.5Biniku no Kaori ~Netori Netorare Yari Yarare~I have somewhat conflicting impressions about this title. First of all, I like ichikawa as an illustrator. Moving on to the game itself, I particularly appreciated the mechanics of exploring through the residence, as it allowed one to really feel immersed in the story, and the fact that encounters with the rest of the cast were added through this was also quite a good thing, helping to create a real sense of "living together". With respect to the story, this title can be a bit redundant at certain times, and the background story itself is told in a very subtle way, giving you clues about the plot through exploration itself or through certain dialogues and monologues. My main problem is with the heroines, as I feel the priorities of these or their respective developments were not entirely well defined, and in the end if it's true that they try to justify to some extent why they prioritize "certain" characters (I really want to make a spoiler here hahahaha), still that result is not really as satisfying as it should have been. The final twist (with the change of perspective) is really intense, and definitely allows a much better understanding of the story from a more general viewpoint.
2020-05-238Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.Don't ask. Don't use guides. Don't look at reviews. Just enjoy the experience.
2020-05-175.5Hyakki YakouFirst of all, I must say that I liked the character design a lot (except for Elza, which is totally exaggerated and bordering on the absurd); in addition to this, the colour palette is quite in keeping with the title, giving it a somewhat depressive and melancholic feel. My first impressions were positive, since this was a title that reminded me a lot of franchises like Valkyria Chronicles (because of the strategic factor, which I really love), as well as Muramasa with that constant attempt to show us the other side of the war (and of the huge blood road that must be laid in order to reach peace). This will be a very important point during part of the story, because from the first hours of the game we'll be able to see that characters like Ayako and Yuuhi are clearly reluctant to fight; They know they have to, but still the fear of dying or killing will be a factor that will impact greatly on their mood and mental state, having to reconsider their motivations and desperately seeking to hold on to something in the face of future uncertainty (Unfortunately, this approach tends to disappear as we progress through the various missions, so this title may end up being quite disappointing for some people.). Following the previous thought, one can understand that the initial premise is quite attractive, and this is precisely why I was so disappointed with the erotic content, as it was totally unnecessary, and often only managed to interrupt the course of the story (Ok, Makoto is a war hero, but does that really raise his sex appeal so much? Hahaha). I would have loved to have seen the psychological factor given a higher priority, but even so this is compensated to some extent by the gameplay, which is really fun (strategy is very important, as units have their respective strengths and weaknesses, and objectives must be met mostly within a time limit).
2020-05-096Symphonic RainI played the Steam version, and definitely the new artwork is just amazing. Both the character design and the overall ambiance is beautiful, and this generates a kind of very nostalgic vibe in the reader with that pastel color palette that characterizes it (and if we add the constant rain and a stage where music is the main feature, the result is wonderful). Regarding the gameplay, I suffered a lot hahaha; I'm relatively good at rhythmic games with controllers, but with keyboard... I'm a mess hahaha. This can be automated, but I think this loses a little the charm of this title, because if you really spend a little time practicing the songs, you'll be filled with a feeling of improvement and achievement quite satisfactory. Now, moving on to the characters... I just wouldn't know where to start. During the reading we will find a feeling of constant discrepancy at certain moments, because while it is true that the story looks quite "friendly" on the surface, when we go deeper into the different backgrounds of the heroines this only makes it twist in a very radical way; in fact, this very discrepancy can be a bit counterproductive, as the routes can feel very irrelevant or soporific at first. The grand finale is adorable, and it left me with a permanent smile until the very last moment.
2020-05-067.5Daiteikoku超日本帝国ばんざーい!!! Dude, this is a really fun game. Tougou as MC is amazing, because while it's really hilarious to see how direct he can be when he wants to take a character to bed, the most remarkable thing is how much he cares about Maki (親馬鹿), making her future happiness his ultimate motivation to fight for the welfare of mankind (the scenes in which they interact are really adorable). In addition to this, the cast of characters in general is also entertaining (and believe me, it's a really huge cast), although, it's also true that there are some whose only purpose is to add one more erotic scene to the gallery. With regard to the scenario, what I liked most was the construction of the nations with their respective positions and ideologies; the eternal struggle between capitalism and communism (共有主義) will be a constant during much of the game, to which we must add the third position, which in this title -and in a really ingenious way considering certain concepts of sociology- is called fan-scism (alluding to what is known as "cult of personality"). It makes a rather interesting caricature of the extreme ideological polarization of that time (on the eve of the Cold War), and I say "caricature" because it largely emphasizes the worst of both extremes, making quite clear the great problems of fanaticism and alienation. Finally, I can't comment at all on the evil route (as I tend to avoid that kind of content), but the rest of the endings are really satisfying. P.S. F for Akiyama's hair.
2020-04-277Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~Let's see... I'm the kind of person who enjoys it too much when the characters in a story are pretty fucked up mentally and emotionally, and in this title that guilty pleasure definitely reached a pretty high point. I warn that Kusarihime is a story in which the beginning is quite slow (although soporific would be a more accurate approach), and this is because we are in a scenario in which "things happen", but we don't know "what is happening" at all. This feeling will be a constant until the fourth loop (When the whole story of Kiriko finishes), and this I say it because I was close to surrendering with this novel until that precise moment, which is when the story finally begins to have a good rhythm (and to generate a constant wave of mental explosions). During the reading we will find an infinity of flashbacks, which are triggered mainly by an exposure to certain external stimuli by Itsuki, and from there we can get an idea of what is happening, and what is the reason for the actions and reactions of the rest of the characters. The latter are quite complex and unstable, since the more we go into the story, the more we can see that what they are externalizing is a mere facade to try to hide their real intentions, desires or guilt (These words of Sei define and synthesize quite well the collective psyche of the cast: "俺は、醜く惨めだ。その感情で心を埋め尽くしたまま ..."). I'm not lying when I say that I could go on and on about the many thoughts that this title left me, but I feel that this is one of those times when it is better to "experience it for yourself" than to read what others have to say about it (due to a scenario full of moral dilemmas, and in which certain positions or emotions are radicalised to a completely sick extreme).
2020-04-255.5Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate - Re:boot The "SHIELD-9"Welcome to the adventures of おねにいさま. The story in general terms is entertaining; it is worth noting that the common route covers the vast majority of the text, and while Yukino's route was especially enjoyable for me, the rest I felt were not entirely well executed. Perhaps this is because this heroine has a much more natural chemistry with Shuuji, as her interactions definitely felt really lovely at many points (without being forced or cloying). Now, at first I thought that this would be something similar to Akatsuki no Goei, but this title is much more focused on a slice of life in which there is mention to a couple of attacks against the お嬢様 that should be protected (and, by the way, such confrontations are quite predictable and anticlimactic, even going so far as to introduce a character of whom no indication had been made). Shuuji is not a bad protagonist, but I think they could have taken better advantage of his supposed biological age to give a somewhat more serious tone to the story at certain times (which is more inclined towards comedy with his very "adolescent" reactions to an approach with a member of the opposite sex).
2020-04-216VA-11 HALL-AAt first glance, one can already feel that slightly more retro taste that the games of the past had; the graphic section, without the need to touch hyperrealism as many developers have been doing in recent times, enjoys a great distinction within the current industry, and this style also allows it to be easily differentiated from other titles with a similar design. One of the points that I highlight is how the narrative itself normalizes sexuality, implying that it is something common, and not an issue to be "overreacted" by screaming at the sky and filling the face of the characters with an exaggerated blush to emphasize their "innocence". Among other things, I also emphasize the construction of the world in general, since, from the first contact, one can already really feel an air of melancholy and annoyance, leaving quite evident the ever-present negativity of the place where they live and the story unfolds. Finally, I think that one of the developers was Venezuelan, so it's especially interesting to see how he made certain winks to the economy when he portrayed the situation in Glitch City (with the devaluation, inequality, inflation, etc).
2020-04-204Demonion ~Maou no Chika Yousai~The scenario starts immediately with an introduction of all the characters that will be part of the game's cast; at first sight, we can notice that the design of the heroines is quite good, however, don't expect a great development or a great story from Demonion. In general terms, this title consists of two playable parts: defense of the maze and invasions to the different locations that we will see on the map. This system has some shortcomings that can be a bit annoying when you try to manage your units, because given the lack of an option that allows you to group them to create legions, you will have to be constantly aware of all the life bars to avoid losing them (a system on a par with that in Fuukan no Grasesta or Rance 10 would have been very favourable). As far as story is concerned, Astaroth is released from his seal by his two "maids", and Darian, upon learning of this, establishes an order of subjugation (which is the reason why we are constantly invaded, and which would become the excuse for all the heroines to risk entering a dungeon). The game consists of defeating them, capturing them and then subduing them (I think you know the method our protagonist will use to "conquer" their hearts), and outside of that... there is nothing. There are a couple of interactions between the heroines once you make them part of your troops (through very short scenes), but outside of that there is no story in which they are part of... they are simply there to satisfy the darkest desires of the Maou. I think that this kind of scenarios have an immense potential, but the fact that most of the reading is erotic scenes doesn't help in the least to exploit it.
2020-04-176Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 After -Osutashia no Yabou-I think that one of the big problems that this saga was exposed to over time is the saturation of female characters in the story. I understand perfectly that it is a title that focuses mainly on polygamy and Lute's interactions with his empresses, but as I had said in a previous note, the plot in general was quite good, so constant flirting became totally unnecessary and a waste of lines. Here that section is greatly reduced, and in my opinion, it was possible to enjoy a little more in depth the story and the heroines present in this fourth part. Broadly speaking, this installment places greater emphasis on the impact that wanting to mix politics with religion can have, as well as on the consequences of subjugating a nation under the yoke of a tyrannical regime (although taken to the extreme and literally extracting what is established in The Prince of Machiavelli). Perhaps we don't find the best antagonists in this fourth part (while reading I had a constant reminder of the famous "frog in the well" story; even Samarkan emphasizes this after reading one of the pope's letters: "なぜこの男は偉そうなのだ? 自由に軍を動かせるのか?"), but the two endings are quite consistent and acceptable on a general level. I don't know if they intended to introduce the character, but that Irina shared a similar background to Mary Magdalene under popular Christian belief was quite right. Finally, I believe that not all characters were fully exploited (Samarkan is a very good example of this, as it had immense potential), but I still think it's an acceptable reading if you want to know how the story of Lute and his empire continues.
2020-04-167Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2Jesus Christ, the leap in quality between the narrative of the previous titles and this one is totally sickening. Hiroyuki has shown that he has enormous potential to conceive of good characters and to develop backgrounds that involve intrigue (Diplomatic exchanges between countries are amazing), so I really appreciate that with the passage of these installments has been prioritizing the story over the erotic content. Interesting characters are introduced, such as Sexiere (his interventions are masterful) or Langston, which is very appreciated in view of the continuous expansion of the universe. If it weren't for the repetitive nature of the flirting scenes, the score would definitely have been a little higher, because I'm not exaggerating in the least when I say that the political background that has developed up to this point has made this saga much more attractive. In addition to that, I think that the endings, although they are satisfactory, are not entirely in line with the story in general terms, so that is also a point against it. P.s. The Minotaur and Shamsiel are the MVPs in this installment, the assassins are hilarious as ever, and Rosalyn came out of nowhere to become one of the best girls (along with Gladys and Nellis)
2020-04-145Kyonyuu Fantasy GaidenOne of the things I consider worth mentioning in this saga is the constant importance given by Lute to the treatment of the guards (and people in general), since it reminds me too much of a certain phrase that one of my professors instilled in me, which was: "one must never forget where one comes from in order to know where one is going". In addition to this, the fact that they gave a more political tint to the story did nothing more than take advantage of the enormous potential cemented in the first installment, which only helped to exalt the figure of Lute as an authority and to manifest in an evident way the intelligence shown at the end of the previous game (accentuating even more what Isis said in her route in reference to Lute being misunderstood by the rest, considering that they could not realize that he was the kind of person who prefers to observe and listen to everything that happens around him rather than intervene actively). Personally, I prefer this approach of the strategist over the warrior. My boi Motaire grew up impressively, so that's something I appreciate as well. As a side note, the quality of the story drops off quite a bit in the second half (during the visit to the Kingdom of Fronce).
2020-04-124.5Kyonyuu FantasyThis is a Nukige, yes, and although it tries, the overall story is quite weak. There are no particularly unpredictable twists that can leave you hallucinating from one moment to the next, but the existence of characters like Felzen or the resounding change experienced by Motaire make this title at least legible.
2020-04-115.5Eiyuu x MaouThis is a decent title at best, because although it has an intriguing scoop and a relatively entertaining cast, it does not finish developing these sections in depth. Felser as a protagonist is quite interesting, since from the beginning of the story we can notice certain nuances in his personality that will determine the path he will follow in his quest to conquer the world. At the same time, it seems to me that a fairly acceptable use is made of the scenario to make us constantly aware of the moral ambiguity of the characters who make up the universe, and this can be seen through certain decisions we will make as we go along. The title is quite crude and dark in general terms (Hey, we're controlling a demon that came out of nowhere to become the "Maou"), and that might produce some disgust in some people (To this we must add the use of female characters as mere incubators for our army). Finally, Dine's design is one of the most attractive I've seen in a long time (and her constant paranoia is simply hilarious).
2020-04-057Fuukan no Grasesta
2020-02-089Tobira no Densetsu: Kaze no TsubasaOne of the points that I consider most brilliant when creating Tobiden's world is the enormous importance that trade has in order to generate wealth; monsters will not give us money as it usually happens in rpgs, because here we will have to use the different objects that we find (in the different dungeons in the style of a "treasure hunt") or through the sale of the different materials extracted from the beasts or generating profits thanks to the commercial exchange between towns and cities (imports and exports). With respect to the cast, it has an acceptable depth (although there are many characters, so do not expect the same level of development for all), and what I really rescue from all this is undoubtedly Lucia, since she is not limited to being a mere avatar personifying the heroic image of the typical epics to which we are accustomed, because she has a huge degree of nuances that make her a very perfectly imperfect character, allowing her to be a really attractive protagonist and fully represent her condition as a "human being". This becomes a point of radical importance for the reader's enjoyment when discovering the world in which the adventure takes place, since putting a character with such a marked humanity on a stage where issues such as migratory flows, cultural problems, racial problems, slavery, child exploitation or the machination of different stratagems with political overtones are dealt with is simply a marvel.
2020-01-235AyakashiThe scenario in general had tremendous potential, not only did it make extraordinary use of CGs to tell the story, but also, the high use of special effects managed to create that "atmosphere" so typical of Chuuni titles; unfortunately, that first impression only diminishes as the plot progresses, since by making use of such a self-concluding episodic format, the pace of the reading is quite abruptly cut. To the above, we must add that curious (and repeated) practice of introducing characters with the mere purpose of discarding them later on (either to try to give a darker tone to the work or with the purpose of generating a shock factor), which ends up becoming really predictable and even laughable. Broadly speaking, what happens to me with this title is that "I read" but "I don't feel what I read"; they present me with comedy situations, but they don't make me laugh, or, on the contrary, they reveal something that I suppose should have made me emotional and instead I felt rather indifferent (except for a certain moment during Pam's route). In short: an interesting story, but one that doesn't convey anything; it didn't even produce a real "expectation" before the various fights, and that in a Chuuni title is quite worrying.
2020-01-204Kemono Musume no SodatekataMeh.
2020-01-186.5Heartful MamanI have almost no references to Nukige to compare with, but this title is certainly a breath of fresh air for all the garbage you can find out there. I initially gave it a try because I liked Shiori's design, but the more I read, the more I became interested in the setting and the constant thought of "I want to, but I mustn't" that is the main reason for the heroine's conflict (as well as the dilemma between being a mother figure or a woman). I got the real ending only and without any kind of guidance (the others don't interest me), so I can assure you that it lacks any kind of difficulty (even getting to fill a certain "bar" for the third time on day 52). As a final thought, I really think Hajime should have his own story.... such a character really deserves it.
2020-01-184Ryouchi KizokuManage your territory within a time limit and depending on that you will get one end or another... meh.
2020-01-174.5Material BraveThe scenario is based mainly on the typical transfer student at a women's school (or almost, in this case) who is highly popular from the start because of his ability and who makes the whole female cast fall for his "charms" without even really making an effort... Come on, the harem story of a lifetime. By this I mean don't expect a complex narrative or deep characters, because you definitely won't find it here; besides, that subtlety of the well-known Superman/Clark Kent syndrome of some antagonists is simply laughable in a bad way. The collection of H scenes is carried out by filling the "libido" bar of the heroines on the stages, which generates a very exaggerated contrast between their usual behaviour and the tremendous initiative they show when influenced by the "side effects" of the MC's ability; well, the H content had to be put in any way. The gameplay is good, and I emphasize this because it was precisely that which allowed me to continue playing this title; if you are not a big fan of the Beat 'em Up, I strongly recommend you to try something else, since with the hours even that can end up tiring you (Btw, Erika as Support is crazy, and as Attacker is very exaggeratedly entertaining to use).
2020-01-146Masaru: Ashita no Yukinojou 2
2020-01-109Musicus!Honestly, I feel that I am a tremendous masochist for continuing to read Setoguchi; I had a slight suspicion that I might be exposing myself to having read some of his previous works (Swan Song and Carnival), and really, this writer never ceases to surprise me (and to touch the most sensitive fibers). Following a little bit the previous thought, I strongly recommend that you don't even think about leaving the bad ending until the last one, since I can assure you that you will be looking at the screen for a while and with a huge feeling of discomfort/bitterness (By far one of the most heartbreaking and unfair that I have read). P.S. Mika is a being of light, and her smile must be protected at all costs.
2020-01-034Crescendo ~Eien da to Omotte Ita Ano Koro~In general, I liked the fact that literary references were used during the story, as well as the format to be able to give meaning to the remaining days until graduation (using the past as a basis to be able to define which route we will take). Another point I would like to highlight is that some CGs remind me a lot of that typical art of shojo mangas (a rather nostalgic style in my case), as well as the friendship between the trio of the literature club. Apart from that, Crescendo tells us a story through a rather "direct" format, limiting himself to expose what is necessary for the progress of it, and omitting any kind of intermediate scene to give it a better continuity. I don't consider this to be particularly negative, but I was a bit shocked by the sudden changes that Ryou could present through his attitude throughout the different decisions or situations in which he was exposed. This story may have been a great reference at the time, but today, unfortunately in terms of depth, it falls very short. Yuka as a character is by far the best thing here.
2019-12-275.5Tapestry -you will meet yourself-"母親として、最後まで笑っていてあげないと" If I'm completely honest, my first approach to this title was mainly due to the presence of G Yuusuke (a big fan of his style), however, I was quite surprised by the scenario we were presented with. The various changes in perspective are something that I really appreciate in any entertainment medium, because it makes it easier for us to get inside the characters' heads and understand how they perceive a given situation or event. Comedy in general is very well used, and the common route -as it happens with many other works- tends to show a greater solidity against the different routes of the heroines; this is supported by the fact that melodrama is extended in a way that feels very exaggeratedly forced, and at a certain moment, the reading can become a bit tedious when falling into a kind of loop. Don't get me wrong, the story is quite entertaining to follow at first, and that is that comedy as such helps a lot in this by greatly lightening the inherent atmosphere that can occur on a scenario that touches on a terminal illness as its main point, however, my only complaint is that, an unnecessary and very badly executed extension of the drama in some routes (with notable behavioural contradictions between them), which could have easily been avoided given the personality shown by the characters throughout the reading.
2019-12-237Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~Confused is little; by far, one of the most disturbing and uncomfortable stories I have read. Both the script and the soundtrack have a very good effect in producing an oppressive feeling during the reading, which allows the immersion on scenario to be really effective. It fulfils its purpose as a story that shows the mental deterioration and corruption of the different characters, and the execution of the different scenes (as well as the evident madness that is exposed as the story progresses) allows for a feeling of quite pronounced dissonance between "wanting" and "not wanting" to continue reading. The ending is really amazing, but I think that once you reach a conclusion, you can lose any interest in completing the rest of the routes.
2019-12-216.5Silverio VendettaThe first approach between humanity and the antagonists in order to contrast the enormous difference in abilities is something that is used quite a lot in this medium with the intention of hooking the reader and giving us a superficial approximation of what is to come, and here, this confrontation generates a kind of trauma in our protagonist. This will be the starting point for the dilemma that will accompany Zephyr throughout the story, since he will lock himself in a kind of bubble of self-complacency to avoid moving forward and thus remain safely in his comfort zone. Now, and to make an approach to what Silverio Vendetta is, throughout the reading - mainly Vendetta - there is a philosophical questioning about the concept and true meaning of "victory", as well as about the eternal relationship between winners and losers; I emphasize it in order to imply that such an attempt to give a more philosophical approach to the work will be a constant (even becoming tiresome in certain scenes). With regard to the routes, I liked the approach that Zephyr tried to take in each one having to assume a certain role (as protector, Lycaon or Orpheus), but both Chitose's and Milliarte's routes did not convince me at all (especially the latter), because, if we compare them with the Vendetta's route, there is really nothing they can stand on their own. And speaking of the route of the main heroine, I have to say that the chapters Orpheus, Crusaders and Vendetta are simply amazing; not only because of the revelation regarding the protagonists, but also because of the complex relationship between the antagonists and their subsequent development in the face of the final battle; these last chapters are definitely the most entertaining to read.
2019-12-187.5Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”
2019-12-137.5Kakyuusei 2I can understand the controversy itself given the context and the year in which it occurred, however, it is impossible for me to understand how such a factor can have such a great impact when making an overall analysis of this work; Tamaki is by far one of the best exponents of the famous cliché "幼 な じ み", and that is without counting Yuuri or Nanase, with whom one ends up becoming equally attached (especially Nanase, since Nanase is everything that is right in life). The scenario is accessible, and the deepening of the relationship between the protagonist and the heroines feels quite natural, which is greatly appreciated, since at no time is the background of the characters over-exploited in order to generate unnecessary or forced drama.
2019-12-114Aikano ~Yukizora no Triangle~This would be the typical story in which the energetic and sociable heroine is pitted against the rather calm one that excels in everything; as it could not be otherwise, both end up manifesting evident romantic feelings towards the protagonist. However, despite the above, the love triangle in question is not toxic at all, in fact, the heroines maintain a fairly mature position against the approaches that could make the other towards Shun, which avoids a forced extension of the conflict.
2019-11-016Kazoku Keikaku
2019-10-304Sagara-sanchi no Etsuraku Life ♪Is not my kind of story.
2019-10-277Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NOI have rather conflicting feelings about this novel. First of all, I must say that I was totally fascinated by the exploration of the first part, since making use of the "save" as an indispensable mechanic to advance in the story, seemed to me simply brilliant; in the initial approach one can feel highly overwhelmed by the complexity of mastering this system, but once you get used to it it is a journey with no return. However (and here comes the complaint), the change of pace between this first part of exploration, and the second part which is much more linear, is too abrupt in terms of execution, and if we add to this the enormous difference between the scenario in which the two stories take place, this only increases the feeling of inconsistency even more. I'm not saying that this second half is totally "bad", but some scenes feel so badly executed, forced and badly written, that instead of producing, for example, sadness in some situations (which I intuit is what they were trying to achieve), the only thing that ends up generating is discomfort.
2019-10-236.5Hello Lady!
2019-10-014Briganty ~The Roots of Darkness~We are facing a title that mixes the typical protagonist of the mid-90s (No Pagafantas or Donkan's), with one of the genres that many of us will remember from our childhood: the so famous Beat 'em Up. As it happens with many games from those years, the story and character development is nonexistent, and if we limit ourselves only to the gameplay, it is quite basic, making use of a side fighting mechanic and incorporating a system of skills per level, which will be unlocked as we advance and gain more experience (nothing complex).
2019-09-285Hime to Aiyoku no SacrificeIt is difficult to make a recommendation of this eroge in general terms, since, although the story has a "certain degree of depth", the enormous relevance that the H content has can make many people think back. In addition to this, having to "break" the story's princess can also play against her, as it makes her really uncomfortable to see how much she has to endure and suffer, putting her country above her dignity and integrity (looking out for the welfare of a character in a Nukige? well, I plead guilty).
2019-09-188Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo,I am a fervent advocate that some plays gain great value from the "way" in which they try to tell their story, and in Asairo's case, this is complemented by an already interesting setting, and a more than endearing cast. I find especially curious the high level of attachment I felt towards Sasamaru, since going very much against my expectations, he became especially interesting and entertaining despite sharing many features that I do not like at all in a protagonist (Donkan, mainly). Reading this novel really makes you feel part of their world; taking you on a journey where you can afford to enjoy all the details, seeing you immersed in a real sense of calm and generating an uncountable amount of emotions.