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Dropped11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-I got a little tired of reading on.2017-01-09
FinishedAikano ~Yukizora no Triangle~This would be the typical story in which the energetic and sociable heroine is pitted against the rather calm one that excels in everything; as it could not be otherwise, both end up manifesting evident romantic feelings towards the protagonist. However, despite the above, the love triangle in question is not toxic at all, in fact, the heroines maintain a fairly mature position against the approaches that could make the other towards Shun, which avoids a forced extension of the conflict.2019-12-11
FinishedAiyoku no EustiaAugust's definitely did well with Aiyoku no Eustia. A great cast of characters, a great protagonist (who I warn declines at a certain point in the story) and a dark, cruel and desolate background.2015-10-09
FinishedAkatsuki no GoeiI highly recommend the Akatsuki no Goei trilogy. It is certainly a wise choice if you are looking for a good time and a light reading. The strong point, in my opinion, is both its protagonist (Kaito) and the comedy; the weak point? the endings.2017-01-13
FinishedAkatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~I highly recommend the Akatsuki no Goei trilogy. It is certainly a wise choice if you are looking for a good time and a light reading. The strong point, in my opinion, is both its protagonist (Kaito) and the comedy; the weak point? the endings (Discovering Kaito's past is the best thing here).2017-12-09
FinishedAkatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~I highly recommend the Akatsuki no Goei trilogy. It is certainly a wise choice if you are looking for a good time and a light reading. The strong point, in my opinion, is both its protagonist (Kaito) and the comedy; the weak point? the endings.2017-12-11
FinishedA Profile2015-06-24
FinishedAyakashiThe scenario in general had tremendous potential, not only did it make extraordinary use of CGs to tell the story, but also, the high use of special effects managed to create that "atmosphere" so typical of Chuuni titles; unfortunately, that first impression only diminishes as the plot progresses, since by making use of such a self-concluding episodic format, the pace of the reading is quite abruptly cut. To the above, we must add that curious (and repeated) practice of introducing characters with the mere purpose of discarding them later on (either to try to give a darker tone to the work or with the purpose of generating a shock factor), which ends up becoming really predictable and even laughable. Broadly speaking, what happens to me with this title is that "I read" but "I don't feel what I read"; they present me with comedy situations, but they don't make me laugh, or, on the contrary, they reveal something that I suppose should have made me emotional and instead I felt rather indifferent (except for a certain moment during Pam's route). In short: an interesting story, but one that doesn't convey anything; it didn't even produce a real "expectation" before the various fights, and that in a Chuuni title is quite worrying.2020-01-21
FinishedBaldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”2016-03-09
FinishedBiniku no Kaori ~Netori Netorare Yari Yarare~I have somewhat conflicting impressions about this title. First of all, I like ichikawa as an illustrator. Moving on to the game itself, I particularly appreciated the mechanics of exploring through the residence, as it allowed one to really feel immersed in the story, and the fact that encounters with the rest of the cast were added through this was also quite a good thing, helping to create a real sense of "living together". With respect to the story, this title can be a bit redundant at certain times, and the background story itself is told in a very subtle way, giving you clues about the plot through exploration itself or through certain dialogues and monologues. My main problem is with the heroines, as I feel the priorities of these or their respective developments were not entirely well defined, and in the end if it's true that they try to justify to some extent why they prioritize "certain" characters (I really want to make a spoiler here hahahaha), still that result is not really as satisfying as it should have been. The final twist (with the change of perspective) is really intense, and definitely allows a much better understanding of the story from a more general viewpoint.2020-05-25
FinishedBishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo-Well, first of all, I think it's appropriate to clarify that we are dealing with a full-blown Nukige; we try to give a little more depth to the story as it approaches its conclusion, but that doesn't compensate for the lack of interest in that section throughout the novel. On the level of characters, there's not much to say; the heroine is proud, vain and possessive, which while it's true that there are nuances and situations in which she's nice to see, on the whole it's quite difficult to empathise with several of her actions. With respect to the protagonist, we are given only one possibility: to be a creep with no personality, which is only devoted to swarm around the heroine and access to all their whims in the name of love generating a kind of mutual dependence. The end felt good, but the lack of a correct development or a good use of the changes of perspective overshadowed it to a great extent.2018-08-12
FinishedBlazBlue: Calamity Trigger2015-06-25
FinishedBlazBlue: Continuum Shift2015-06-25
FinishedBriganty ~The Roots of Darkness~We are facing a title that mixes the typical protagonist of the mid-90s (No Pagafantas or Donkan's), with one of the genres that many of us will remember from our childhood: the so famous Beat 'em Up. As it happens with many games from those years, the story and character development is nonexistent, and if we limit ourselves only to the gameplay, it is quite basic, making use of a side fighting mechanic and incorporating a system of skills per level, which will be unlocked as we advance and gain more experience (nothing complex).2019-10-01
DroppedBunny BlackToo generic for my taste.2020-11-05
FinishedCarnival"もし神様がいたら、きっと人間のことは嫌いなんだと思うな" I confirm it: Setoguchi has a gift for making me feel high levels of discomfort in certain scenes (Previously with Swan Song). Have you thought about how there are times when we'd like to do something, but for some particular reason we can't? Have you thought about what our lives would be like if we could just skip all the bad moments in our day-to-day lives? Carnival presents us with a rather crude scenario, which deals with issues such as child abuse, trauma, psychological disorders and bullying, among others. In the face of these points, it is established how a person can be our light and pillar in those darker moments, and also, that in some cases the families themselves are the ones who leave the worst scars.2019-02-04
DroppedChaos;HeadUnbearable protagonist.2015-10-06
FinishedClannadWe all need a Sunohara Youhei in our lives.2015-06-24
FinishedCoμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -"Redredredredredredred".2015-06-24
FinishedCrescendo ~Eien da to Omotte Ita Ano Koro~In general, I liked the fact that literary references were used during the story, as well as the format to be able to give meaning to the remaining days until graduation (using the past as a basis to be able to define which route we will take). Another point I would like to highlight is that some CGs remind me a lot of that typical art of shojo mangas (a rather nostalgic style in my case), as well as the friendship between the trio of the literature club. Apart from that, Crescendo tells us a story through a rather "direct" format, limiting himself to expose what is necessary for the progress of it, and omitting any kind of intermediate scene to give it a better continuity. I don't consider this to be particularly negative, but I was a bit shocked by the sudden changes that Ryou could present through his attitude throughout the different decisions or situations in which he was exposed. This story may have been a great reference at the time, but today, unfortunately in terms of depth, it falls very short. Yuka as a character is by far the best thing here.2020-01-03
FinishedCross†ChannelThis is one of those stories that can leave you with a tremendous void after you finish it. Brilliant work Romeo did here.2016-09-21
StalledDaibanchou -Big Bang Age-2019-10-29
FinishedDaiteikoku超日本帝国ばんざーい!!! Dude, this is a really fun game. Tougou as MC is amazing, because while it's really hilarious to see how direct he can be when he wants to take a character to bed, the most remarkable thing is how much he cares about Maki (親馬鹿), making her future happiness his ultimate motivation to fight for the welfare of mankind (the scenes in which they interact are really adorable). In addition to this, the cast of characters in general is also entertaining (and believe me, it's a really huge cast), although, it's also true that there are some whose only purpose is to add one more erotic scene to the gallery. With regard to the scenario, what I liked most was the construction of the nations with their respective positions and ideologies; the eternal struggle between capitalism and communism (共有主義) will be a constant during much of the game, to which we must add the third position, which in this title -and in a really ingenious way considering certain concepts of sociology- is called fan-scism (alluding to what is known as "cult of personality"). It makes a rather interesting caricature of the extreme ideological polarization of that time (on the eve of the Cold War), and I say "caricature" because it largely emphasizes the worst of both extremes, making quite clear the great problems of fanaticism and alienation. Finally, I can't comment at all on the evil route (as I tend to avoid that kind of content), but the rest of the endings are really satisfying. P.S. F for Akiyama's hair.2020-05-01
FinishedDeardropsThis novel tries so hard to take itself seriously that it is laughable. Except for the Riho route, the rest is just a nonsense and a waste of time.2015-06-24
FinishedDemonion ~Maou no Chika Yousai~The scenario starts immediately with an introduction of all the characters that will be part of the game's cast; at first sight, we can notice that the design of the heroines is quite good, however, don't expect a great development or a great story from Demonion. In general terms, this title consists of two playable parts: defense of the maze and invasions to the different locations that we will see on the map. This system has some shortcomings that can be a bit annoying when you try to manage your units, because given the lack of an option that allows you to group them to create legions, you will have to be constantly aware of all the life bars to avoid losing them (a system on a par with that in Fuukan no Grasesta or Rance 10 would have been very favourable). As far as story is concerned, Astaroth is released from his seal by his two "maids", and Darian, upon learning of this, establishes an order of subjugation (which is the reason why we are constantly invaded, and which would become the excuse for all the heroines to risk entering a dungeon). The game consists of defeating them, capturing them and then subduing them (I think you know the method our protagonist will use to "conquer" their hearts), and outside of that... there is nothing. There are a couple of interactions between the heroines once you make them part of your troops (through very short scenes), but outside of that there is no story in which they are part of... they are simply there to satisfy the darkest desires of the Maou. I think that this kind of scenarios have an immense potential, but the fact that most of the reading is erotic scenes doesn't help in the least to exploit it.2020-04-18
FinishedDengeki StrykerFor some reason I don't know, I couldn't feel what I thought this title was trying to convey to me.2015-06-24
FinishedDevils Devel ConceptInteresting scenario, unfortunately, the execution was not entirely successful. In my case in particular, I was never able to "hook up" with the story, and the only time I really got immersed in the reading was on the last route, so you can get an idea of my experience with this work.2018-02-15
FinishedDiaboliqueThe concept presented to us through the scenario is quite interesting, since it makes an initial approach to the eternal dilemma of a character whose existence, although he could be envied by the rest as the pinnacle of "power", still denies his origins and constantly questions himself (as a being who does not die, in the face of how fleeting and beautiful finite life is). This dilemma extends to an even more existential one, since our protagonist is constantly despised and hated just for existing, he has no place to call home, and has to wander eternally in search of "something" that he doesn't even remember what it is. The story is, in simple terms: crude... VERY CRUDE. From the first few minutes, we are thrown what would be the typical background of a tragic heroine, so it is difficult not to be able to empathize with her circumstances and want to look after her well-being (This particular line is VERY painful to read: "神様... あたしの事が、きらいなのかな...?"). Azurite (アズライト) is a very good protagonist, and although it is true that he maintains a rather passive position towards humanity (very respectful and careful in the way he interacts), the way he relates to the "heroine" is one of the most adorable things I have read. The main problems I found are at a technical level, since being a relatively old eroge, it requires the typical exploration by options (Observe, speak, think, travel, etc), and in addition to this, it also presents some problems in terms of narrative rhythm (IMO).2020-06-07
FinishedDies iraeThe "chuuni" work par excellence; broadly speaking, Dies Irae would be something like Fate but much better executed, since the different routes we find in this novel are much more immersive and epic, to which we can add the continuous presence of characters like Reinhard or Mercurius, who steal all the protagonism in each of their interventions. This is also one of the few titles in which I could get totally attached to the antagonists, and I don't exaggerate in the least when I say that I cried in a certain scene in which they can be seen reunited in the past... a wonderful sample of Masada's excellence in managing to create such endearing characters. Sieg Heil Viktoria!2015-06-24
FinishedDies irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~This title is so short, but so good... I really enjoyed this story much more than I expected. First of all, the marked contrast between Claudia and Wilhelm is very well executed, allowing to generate scenes with comical, romantic and philosophical purposes of a very good level; the same happens with the rest of the cast, since seeing how they interact in a more mundane way only deepens the feeling of nostalgia after having finished the original game and KKK (special mention to Beatrice, whose interventions are always something I appreciate very much). To this, I must add that I didn't know I missed Reinhard and Mercurius so much until I saw them again; to this day, they remain indisputably one of the best antagonists I have seen in fiction, and that is that no matter how much time passes, I continue to enjoy their respective appearances and dialogues as if it were the first time. With respect to the scenario, we find ourselves with a story of the kind that Masada has accustomed us to, with a constant emphasis on romance and tragedy, and where a much more "human" approach is taken, with the main point of the narrative being light and darkness (life and death), and the true meaning of living (understanding the beauty and value of the finite). Shall I recommend its reading? Absolutely, since although it is true that it is somewhat distant from the main plot, it still has an evident solidity in its own right.2020-06-17
FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!If I had to highlight 2 aspects of DDLC, they would be both the interaction between the novel and the player, and Monika. Monika is definitely the center of all the lights, and roughly the most interesting character in the whole story. I'd like to mention that if someone tells you that one of your main topics is "depression" you should turn a deaf ear, because it's nowhere near a dissection of it, or even a superficial approach to it.2018-01-19
DroppedDuel SaviorI completely lost interest in story around chapter 4.2020-01-20
FinishedEden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.2015-06-24
FinishedEiyuu*SenkiHarem on a global scale, why not? (Because it is absolutely boring a story that focuses on the number of characters over the quality of its development)2016-02-23
FinishedEiyuu x MaouThis is a decent title at best, because although it has an intriguing scoop and a relatively entertaining cast, it does not finish developing these sections in depth. Felser as a protagonist is quite interesting, since from the beginning of the story we can notice certain nuances in his personality that will determine the path he will follow in his quest to conquer the world. At the same time, it seems to me that a fairly acceptable use is made of the scenario to make us constantly aware of the moral ambiguity of the characters who make up the universe, and this can be seen through certain decisions we will make as we go along. The title is quite crude and dark in general terms (Hey, we're controlling a demon that came out of nowhere to become the "Maou"), and that might produce some disgust in some people (To this we must add the use of female characters as mere incubators for our army). Finally, Dine's design is one of the most attractive I've seen in a long time (and her constant paranoia is simply hilarious).2020-04-06
DroppedEvenicleIt's a kind of "Rance" but lighter; after several hours of play I can say that's all there is to it.2018-07-24
FinishedEver17 -The Out of Infinity-The tension you can feel at certain moments is definitely a great demonstration of the impressive immersion to which the reader can be exposed thanks to a correct narrative.2015-06-24
FinishedFata morgana no YakataI don't understand anything... -> Aaaah! So that was it! -> Wait... What? -> No, seriously, what happened?! (Repeats the previous cycle many times). It's almost impossible to comment on this story without spoiling it, so I'll just say that it has one of the most "pure" romances I've ever read, which takes place in a scenario where misfortune and tragedy reign. In short, this story made me cry like a baby (although I warn you it has a very exaggeratedly slow start)2018-07-26
FinishedFate/Stay NightThe flagship work of Type-moon; a story that is divided into 3 parts: The Ideal, The Struggle for the Ideal and Destroying the Ideal (Bring illya back<3)2015-06-24
FinishedFortune ArterialI remember seeing the anime of this novel back in 2012; my first impressions of the adaptation were that it was off to a pretty good start, but as is common in this kind of practice (from taking a novel of many hours to a 12-episode format), the potential of the original work is largely lost. Today, after finishing the reading of Fortune Arterial, I am satisfied with both the characters and the conclusion of the story. The cast is mostly entertaining, making the different situations that take place in the institute hilarious at certain times. However, I think that there is one specific character who contributes little and nothing to the story, and only manages to create a rather artificial drama that can end up generating a kind of lethargy with the rhythm that the narrative had until that moment.2018-12-25
FinishedFuukan no Grasesta2018-08-01
FinishedGimai - Hitomi2015-10-08
FinishedGrisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-I have to re-read this.2015-06-24
FinishedG-senjou no MaouThe epilogue is sublime in every possible way.2015-06-24
FinishedGuildmasterI think that visually it's quite good, since the character design is really attractive, unfortunately, that section is the only one that really stands out within Guildmaster. As for the story, it's pretty flat, and the cast of characters only makes that lack even more pronounced (Flat and monotonous). The gameplay is exactly the same, since after about 3 hours, it already started to become highly repetitive and tedious.2019-07-17
FinishedGyakuten Saiban2015-10-08
FinishedGyakuten Saiban 22015-10-08