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t8119.82017-06-09Fata morgana no Yakata -GD-The VN was really good for the most part, but the way the story was paced fell flat a bit. Giselle and Michel's backstories by themselves were great
t8214.42016-09-04Question About Mayuri EndingAs far as I can tell, Summer and Fall have different main characters and romances, but Suou's search for Mayuri is a continuing subplot in both. In
t8214.22016-09-02Question About Mayuri EndingPart one of a four part series of VNs.
t6175.122016-09-02Quwation aboutsex in game Possible Spoiler#7 Pretty late to reply to this, but I wonder what other people think. Why wouldn't he be a virgin? Do you think Natsume was a shotacon? He called
t6181.282016-09-02Questions and Discussion about the novelKind of late to comment on the discussion now, but even if Sion had suggested going on the ship and escaping together, I'm certain Ryou would have
t8119.42016-09-02Fata morgana no Yakata -GD-It's not "queer" fiction, there's no need to pigeonhole it. It's just a very good story that happens to involve some of these themes. Also what are
t8169.112016-08-28I almost thought... (Light spoilers)"I lean gently into her" right before the fade to black. Wow, how far did they go? Kind of an important line to mess up.
t8169.62016-08-25I almost thought... (Light spoilers)I agree, the quality is pretty okay for what it is. The original translated script was apparently really bad and the editor was only given a very
t3657.112016-08-12This story is just too confusing (BEWARE SPOILERS)I basically got the same thing from the story as maverynthia I think. The three siblings all live together, their parents for whatever reason are
t7357.282016-05-04Just a warningWell the game is basically about taking in a mentally broken slave girl and conditioning her to become completely dependent and worshipful of you