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r82977.22021-10-11 at 12:20nazim10Fairy GladeIt's already out.
v17150.82021-07-13 at 22:38nazim10Copper Pancake CalcificationThat alias means litteraly "Holy shit, best game ever" in Arabic...
c13081.112020-12-18 at 00:49nazim10Kazuha ShizukaGroup sex tag was mis-used
c21367.42020-04-17 at 21:23nazim10Shiwahime Kasumisex trait
c21737.42020-04-17 at 21:22nazim10Iwadeyama Atsushisex trait
c1588.342018-08-15 at 20:01nazim10Kasukabe HaruNot a divorcee (although she caused one) Frequently mentions having a paper due in her college (the maid cafe is her part-time job, not full-time)
v23213.62018-06-18 at 12:53nazim10Torrid Tales v. 0.2.0NSFW image (naked lady)
c6966.182017-07-14 at 23:39nazim10Morino YukinoRemoved the " shares a desk with her" line, because it's simply not true. During the whole game, she's in a different class than the protagonist
c9941.22016-07-11 at 20:03nazim10Kondou KenjiWrong gender