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v23199.172019-09-11 at 00:00blueFuukan no GrasestaFurther Updating Cast
c46412.52019-09-11 at 00:00blueFujiwara AkoAdded Traits
c54673.342019-09-11 at 00:00blueYaegashi YuukiSmall handful of traits.
c75568.72019-08-18 at 00:01blueLouise PloaSurname
c75568.62019-08-18 at 00:00blueLouise ProaMany traits added. Changing surname to match with c13902, another similar harlequin-type character.
c39779.42019-08-18 at 00:00blueRidley WelshAdding Traits
v21646.152019-08-18 at 00:00blueOmoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody ~Afureru Omoi o Shirabe ni Nosete~Updating cast and filling images in.
c64954.102019-08-14 at 08:00blueKirigaya RinoAdded Traits
c56741.52019-08-14 at 00:00blueKuwahara MeikoTraits Added
c46434.52019-08-12 at 04:00blueShiba YoshiharuAdding traits.
c46435.62019-08-10 at 00:00blueHosokawa KyoukoAdding several traits.
c42834.52019-08-10 at 00:00blueHimehoshi ArikaAdding several traits.
c46414.52019-08-08 at 22:00blueKiyoshiro RionFilling in Traits
c46413.52019-08-08 at 22:00blueKousaka GinkoMany traits filled in.
c75561.82019-08-08 at 04:00blueMicri LokiAdding trait bundle.
c46411.52019-08-08 at 00:00blueOumi YukariAdding/Editing Traits
c46284.32019-08-08 at 00:00blueHitotsubashi BenioFilling in Traits
c84419.72019-07-20 at 20:00blueSaegusa AyameAdding traits and tweaking image.
c84422.52019-07-20 at 20:00blueSakurada AnTweaking image.
c84421.52019-07-20 at 20:00blueKanno JunkoTweaking image.
c84420.52019-07-20 at 20:00blueSaegusa HinataTweaking image and traits.
c84422.42019-07-20 at 12:00blueSakurada AnEarly trait bundle and placeholder image taken from website. Also changing bust size to H Cup to match size shown on official website.
c84419.62019-07-20 at 12:00blueSaegusa AyamePlaceholder image taken from website.
c84420.42019-07-20 at 12:00blueSaegusa HinataPlaceholder image taken from website.
c84421.42019-07-20 at 12:00blueKanno JunkoPlaceholder image taken from website. Cup size indicates between A and B cup on official website – choosing B Cup.
c84421.32019-07-20 at 02:00blueKanno JunkoEarly Traits
c84420.32019-07-20 at 02:00blueSaegusa HinataEarly Traits
c30226.72019-07-14 at 04:32blueAbiluse CassareI must have been mentally spaced out during my last edit of this profile. Correcting traits.
c54673.332019-07-07 at 00:00blueYaegashi YuukiLet Yaegashi Yuuki be the first to have this item trait in her possession.
c30517.122019-07-04 at 22:00blueEkria FemilinsSlight Image Zoom
c84158.12019-07-04 at 22:00blueMarziaAdded Sub Character
c30604.82019-07-04 at 22:00blueLuna-CliaSlight Image Zoom
c84157.12019-07-04 at 22:00blueRosellaAdded Sub Character
c30604.72019-07-04 at 20:00blueLuna-CliaAdding/editing a traits and image.
c30520.92019-07-04 at 20:00blueKarianRemoving spoilers on sexual traits. Though I agree that the case with c30604.6 does make justifiable sense, there are no secrets between these Karian
c30517.112019-07-04 at 20:00blueEkria FemilinsAdding/Editing many traits. Appears as an "英傑人形" (Eiketsu Ningyou) in AP02 of v23199 under the name “Femilins”. Updating image to zoom-adjusted
c83912.42019-07-04 at 12:00blueSylphietta LuashiaSlight editing to trait and image.
c78472.42019-07-04 at 12:00blueLilica RcitineInheriting personality traits from c75557
c83981.22019-07-04 at 12:00bluePodoromos BergameriSlight edit to traits and image.
c83980.22019-07-04 at 12:00blueSalo Grasesta 27thHair traits and slightly adjusted image.
v23199.142019-07-04 at 00:00blueFuukan no GrasestaUpdating Cast & Relations
c27780.72019-07-04 at 00:00blueSylphia LuhansUsing more modern instance for "Eiketsu Ningyou" cameo role.
c30525.42019-07-04 at 00:00blueSylphia LuhansAppears as an “英傑人形” (Eiketsu Ningyou) in AP02 of v23199. Footnote on 'Ahoge' trait: Due to some artistic inconsistency, Sylphia’s VERITA sprite
c46411.42019-07-03 at 19:00blueOumi Yukari(Mostly clothing) traits added.
c84054.32019-07-01 at 18:00blueStolasChanging romaji name; character is very likely to have been based off of Stolas, a demon prince in Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon.
c84054.12019-06-30 at 00:00blueStrassAP02 Majin
c83981.12019-06-27 at 00:00bluePodoromos BergameriNobleman Character
c83980.12019-06-27 at 00:00blueSalo Grasesta 27thKing Salo Grasesta 27th
c78472.32019-06-22 at 22:44blueLilica RcitineSomehow this spoiler slipped through my fingers. Rectifying
c83912.32019-06-22 at 22:22blueSylphietta LuashiaAdding missing trait.