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t12504.182019-06-24Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused TagsI have read over your list of tags for deletion and I must say that I agree to having all of them disposed of (with Heroine Triplets being an
t3314.17472019-06-24TraitsThe tag name itself does give off an highly misleading impression of being self-explanatory. Even if my idea had worked, it only applies to the
t3314.17452019-06-24TraitsThat is good advice, Warfoki. I am still impressed with how such a seemingly harmless tag on the surface can be so prone to misuse. My best attempt
t3314.17432019-06-24TraitsThat is quite a backstory you have, Warfoki. I would not have guessed that I would be the one to remind you of those uncomfortable past situations. I
t3314.17362019-06-23TraitsIf you feel you are being cynical then you have your reasons since the grim reality of this world will darken your mood more often than lift your
t3314.17342019-06-23TraitsI had suspected that much with the Hair Ribbon trait. The best move from here is to simply avoid the trait and turn to using Ribbon Hair Tie and Ribbo
t3314.17332019-06-23TraitsThank you for that, Barfboy. Though I should really try harder to balance being detailed in expressing my thoughts with being concise. Warfoki and
t3314.17272019-06-17TraitsPlease add the initial sentence to Dating trait should it meet with approval: "This character goes on a date with another character." I apologize
t3314.17262019-06-16TraitsNow that I’ve droned on for more than enough about that bothersome String Ribbon Tie trait, there is one more (unfortunately also a ribbon) trait
t3314.17252019-06-16TraitsI appreciate your time and effort on the matter and I’m sorry that this tangled knot of a situation has proven to be such a pain. I support the idea
t3314.17202019-06-16TraitsThank you very much. I had at least made sure to spend a fair number of hours creating, editing and contemplating my list before submitting and I am
t3314.17182019-06-15TraitsThere are a number of traits in the VNDB that I have looked over and given a fair amount of thought to the suggestions that I’ve made to help improve
t2108.24412018-08-16Candidates for deletionRequesting deletion for character profile Rifia Irina Marcillen as it is a duplicate of Lyphia Irina Marcillen. It is very likely that whoever added
t3314.12892018-04-03TraitsOne of the newer traits - Cheerful - is currently a child trait under Outgoing and should probably instead be a child trait of Carefree. Both traits
t3314.12782018-01-30TraitsRequesting that the same (link) used for Half-Japanese also be applied to the word "half-Japanese" in the description of the potential "Quarter
t2108.19932017-06-14Candidates for deletionI messed up with a slight error trying to add recent "Couter" trait and the link fails to navigate to 'link'. Requesting for this blunder to be fixed
t3314.11042017-06-13Traits"Quiver" - Sorry for the trouble, but I am still unused to adding traits to the database and forgot to format this very word in the description into
t3314.9392016-07-24Traits'Rearranged' might not have been the right word. The existing age traits simply need their contents updated with Takata's suggested information. Even
t3314.9362016-07-24TraitsYour Age trait suggestion is quite accurate and I agree that they should be rearranged in this way as the current ones are rather inaccurate. That
t2108.15322016-07-15Candidates for deletionThank you for tending to my request for the deletion of the pending 'Hybrid' trait. However, I've already realized that from the looks of it, I won't
t2108.15182016-07-11Candidates for deletionI'd like to make a quick request for a moderator to deny/delete the 'Hybrid' trait I had submitted last night. The description is too short and could
t7750.142016-05-13Does this one have a 'true route'?I was really hoping they would bring back Louie Marcillen from the old Princess General series in 2016. He's been gone for a long time since Verita