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v10.352016-07-18 at 00:19jazz957Narcissuelements garden isn't credited in the staff roll and neither is barbarian on the groove, or yano masashi. dreaming rabbit is credited as MASA. link
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v10.242011-11-11 at 15:44day-elvenNarcissuScreenshots for russian version
v10.232011-04-26 at 21:17izmosmolnarNarcissuthere we go, original CD edition cover as seen in link
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v10.212011-04-24 at 13:04minhhuywikiNarcissuNocessary
v10.202011-04-24 at 13:03minhhuywikiNarcissureplace screen-title. This is cover Light novel
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v10.92008-05-16 at 19:23applehqNarcissuNo-one says "his senior". Also removed some things which could be (in my eyes, are) spoilers. Prove me wrong...
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