Princess Concerto


Princess Concerto
TitlePrincess Concerto
Original titleプリンセスコンチェルト
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The game takes place in a world of elves, monsters, and wizards. In the distant past the continent of Ragnoa had been united by a legendary king. After his death a series of wars broke out, resulting in creation of six smaller kingdoms.

Shortly after that a demon army appears and attacks one kingdom after the other overrunning most of Ragnoa. In this dire situation various kingdoms' queens gather in the kingdom of Raudhia which has been least hit by the demons' attacks.

Princess Concerto's protagonist is Alfred, the youngest of Raudhia's three princes. The polite young man is a pacifist and tends to be indecisive. However, in the face of demons' attack, Alfred eventually decides to throw himself into the epic battle against the forces of evil. In his struggle he will receive support from the princesses of all six kingdoms.

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2005-08-26All agesPrincess Concerto
2007-09-2012+Princess Concerto - Regular Edition
2007-09-2012+Princess Concerto - Deluxe Pack
2011-12-04All agesGongzhu Xiezouqu (patch)


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Voiced by Ueda Yuuji
Main characterFlora
Main characterLune
Voiced by Nogawa Sakura
Main characterMireille
Voiced by Saeki Tomo
Main characterOknos
Voiced by Toriumi Kousuke
Main characterRadius
Voiced by Suzuki Chihiro
Main characterSelma
Voiced by Sanada Asami
Main characterShario
Voiced by Hikami Kyouko

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