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Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen-

時計仕掛けのレイライン -黄昏時の境界線-

TitleTokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen-
Original title時計仕掛けのレイライン -黄昏時の境界線-
AliasesA Clockwork Ley-Line, 黄昏时刻的境界线
Play timeMedium (17h48m from 7 votes)
DeveloperUnison Shift: Blossom
PublishersUnison Shift & Dramatic Create
Denpasoft & Kohaku Translations & Sekai Project
Arcus Hanhuazu & A·T·Field
Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Zan'ei no Yo...
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In a mysterious school where day and night are two separate worlds, a mismatched trio works to resolve magic-related incidents.

Michiru is a newly enrolled first-year student at a boarding school with a notably large clock tower, located deep in the mountains. Unfortunately, on his first day of school, he gets caught up in some sudden trouble, and accidentally breaks an expensive-looking statue.

In order to compensate for the broken statue, the principal orders him and the boy who caused the incident to work for the school’s “Bureau for the Investigation of Special Affairs.”

When they arrive at the Bureau’s headquarters, a room situated in the school’s enormous underground library, a girl is waiting for them there with an apathetic look on her face.

The girl informs the confused pair of the situation: Magic exists in this school.

When the clock tower chimes, the “Realm of Night” appears, and merges with the school building. The Bureau’s job is to take care of the supernatural problems that arise. And so, Michiru struggles to protect the school from troublesome magical items known as “Mists”...

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Heroine with Small Breasts (Non-Loli) 3.0 Ladder Structure 3.0 Late Sexual Content 3.0 Multiple Route Mystery 3.0 Sexual Fantasizing 3.0 Unlockable Sexual Content 3.0 One True End 2.9 Lots of Choices 2.9 Side Images 2.8 Protagonist with a Face 2.8 Male Protagonist 2.7 Branching Plot 2.7 ADV 2.7 Clock Tower 2.7 Magic 2.6 Low Sexual Content 2.6 Other Perspectives 2.5 Central Heroine 2.5 Multiple Endings 2.5 Sprite Viewer 2.5 Episodic Story 2.5 Student Heroine 2.4 Twins as Support CharactersS 2.4 Witch HeroineS 2.4 Mystery 2.4 Library 2.4 High School 2.4 Alternate Dimensions 2.3 Student Protagonist 2.3 Unlockable Side Stories 2.3 Adult ProtagonistS 2.2 Comedy 2.2 Coodere Heroine 2.2 White Haired Heroine 2.2 Deredere Heroine 2.2 Detective Work 2.1 Protagonist's Senpai as a Heroine 2.1 Discipline Committee Member Heroine 2.1 Secret IdentityS 2.1 Airhead Heroine 2.0 Defloration 2.0 Delusional Heroine 2.0 Early Branching Plot 2.0 Emotionless Heroine 2.0 Exorcism 2.0 Female Protagonist for a Short Time 2.0 High School Student Heroine 2.0 Homunculus ProtagonistS 2.0 Mage HeroineS 2.0 Modern Tsundere Heroine 2.0 Narrating Others' Thoughts 2.0 Only One Bad EndingS 2.0 Only Virgin Heroines 2.0 Perverted Heroine 2.0 Pillow Talk 2.0 Ponytail Heroine 2.0 Sacred Treasure 2.0 ShapeshiftingS 2.0 Single Handjob 2.0 Siscon Protagonist 2.0 Proactive Protagonist 1.9 Romance 1.9 Battle of Wits 1.8 Protagonist with Psychological ProblemsS 1.7 Unlockable Bonus Content 1.7 Unlockable Choices 1.5 Unlockable Routes 1.5 CatsS 1.4 Outdoor Sex 1.2 Drama 1.1 Bad Ending(s) 1.0 Correct Choice Indicator 1.0 Cowgirl 1.0 Cunnilingus 1.0 Doggy Style 1.0 Game Over 1.0 Intercrural Sex 1.0 Sixty-nine 1.0 Standing Sex 1.0 Unlockable Event 1.0 Only Avoidable Sexual Content 0.8 Tsundere Heroine 0.7 Wedding 0.2 Sexual Content 0.2


Japanese (12)
2012-06-1518+Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen- Trial Edition
2012-06-2918+Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen- Trial Edition 2
2012-07-2718+Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen- First Press Edition
2012-08-1818+Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen- Download Edition
2013-01-2518+Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen- Regular Edition
2015-01-3018+Tokeijikake no Ley Line - Limited Trilogy Box
2015-02-2718+Tokeijikake no Ley Line - 3 Games Pack & Drama CD Bundled Ver.
2015-05-1118+Tokeijikake no Ley Line - 3 Games Pack
2017-02-2418+Tokeijikake no Ley Line - Special Memorial Edition
2017-04-2717+Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Kagerou ni Samayou Majo-
2021-02-2517+Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Kagerou ni Samayou Majo- Trial Edition
2021-03-2517+Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Kagerou ni Samayou Majo-
Chinese (1)
2015-04-0618+Shizhong Jiguan de Ley-line -Huanghun shi de Jingjiexian- (unofficial patch)
English (4)
2017-12-1818+A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk
2017-12-18All agesA Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk - All Ages Edition
2017-12-1818+A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk - 18+ DLC (patch)
TBA18+A Clockwork Ley-Line Limited Box Set


  • Character design
  • Pero
  • Urabi
  • Artist
  • KichiemoBackground art
  • Pero
  • Urabi
  • Vocals
  • KiyoOP "Tasogaredoki no Ley Line", ED "Tasogaredoki no Ley Line ~From A Clockwork Ley-Line~", PSV OP "Tasogaretoki no Leyline ~The Sum of Wish and Moment~"
  • Artist
  • KichiemoBackground art
  • Pero
  • Urabi
  • Vocals
  • KiyoOP "Tasogaredoki no Ley Line", ED "Tasogaredoki no Ley Line ~From A Clockwork Ley-Line~", PSV OP "Tasogaretoki no Leyline ~The Sum of Wish and Moment~"

Full character list

Character summary

Koga MichiruProtagonist
Furoyamachi NekoMain character
Voiced by Moka Choko
Karasuma KotarouMain character
Mibu TsubakiMain character
Voiced by Kawashima Rino
Murakumo ShizukaMain character
Shishigatani UshioMain character
Voiced by Moriya Misono
Iba KumikoSide character
Voiced by Haruna Ren
Kasuga MayumiSide character
Voiced by Maki Izumi
Kurodani MayaSide character
Voiced by Hirano Kyouko
RitoSide character
Voiced by Tsuruya Haruto
Shichiban HinaSide character
Voiced by Suzuya Maya
SigmaSide character
Voiced by shizuku
Tsuzuraorizaka FuhitoSide character
Voiced by Ogura Yui
Yoshida SoaraSide character
Voiced by Nakaya Shiho

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Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen- First Press Edition

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