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v10097.102013-12-16 at 07:26minahThe Knife of the Traitorscreenshot resolution
v10097.92013-12-16 at 06:01veebie29The Knife of the TraitorReplace screenshots, based on the game resolution itself
v10097.82013-04-05 at 15:23veebie29The Knife of the TraitorEdit description
v10097.72013-02-08 at 03:31kukipandoraThe Knife of the Traitoradded cg screenshots
v10097.62013-02-06 at 10:10nojokerThe Knife of the TraitorAdded 4 German screenshots.
v10097.52012-07-27 at 17:19kukipandoraThe Knife of the Traitorupdated the image
v10097.42012-04-01 at 16:02exsulThe Knife of the Traitoradded image (screenshots should be replaced)
v10097.32012-04-01 at 08:57nojokerThe Knife of the TraitorAdded 4 screenshots.
v10097.22012-04-01 at 08:53nojokerThe Knife of the TraitorAdded alias.
v10097.12012-04-01 at 08:49nojokerThe Knife of the TraitorAdded novel.