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v10106.102018-10-13 at 20:08eacilDead End Junctionstaff linked (taken from link because the ingame credits from the localization are awfully vague like all the artists are under "character artists
v10106.92017-08-27 at 04:54runeiiDead End JunctionAdding Manken! shares characters relation
v10106.82017-08-18 at 23:26multiDead End JunctionReverse relation update caused by revision v10107.2
v10106.72016-09-24 at 07:26aurora09Dead End Junctionstaff
v10106.62016-09-23 at 12:45narcosisDead End JunctionAdded screenshots from the english version of the game.
v10106.52016-07-27 at 19:09novellaDead End JunctionFixed
v10106.42016-07-27 at 19:08novellaDead End JunctionDescription
v10106.32016-01-25 at 08:14minoru09Dead End JunctionDead End Junction is a western swashbuckler visual novel developed by indie developer atelier773, a compilation of four chapters at once; Good Day to
v10106.22012-04-03 at 19:53atlantimaDead End Junctioncover, alias
v10106.12012-04-03 at 19:50atlantimaDead End Junctiongame