Ore no Tanezuke Matsuri ~Ikinari Chounai Bitch Darake~


TitleOre no Tanezuke Matsuri ~Ikinari Chounai Bitch Darake~
Original titleオレの種付け祭~いきなり町内ビッチだらけ~
AliasesMy Mating Festival -A Town of Sudden Sloven Sluts-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Dieselmine


Today is a very special day for the protagonist, a rejected loner who
finds a gemstone that lets him control women in town for the next 3 days. And there's a decennial (10 year) festival happening in town...

"Anything I want..." he mused, and vowed to spend his virginity on
the hot milfs of the local Wives Club, and much more.

This would be a festival to remember. This would be a c*ckapalooza...

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