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v1012.172015-11-07 at 00:05jazz957Koko wa RakuensouAdd
v1012.162015-11-07 at 00:00jazz957Koko wa RakuensouRemoving Mamoru Yokota, unless of course, Patch Master is one of his aliases.
v1012.152015-05-24 at 04:59jazz957Koko wa RakuensouPC-98 cover
v1012.142015-03-19 at 23:35tenteishinshiKoko wa Rakuensouadd
v1012.132014-12-18 at 12:03maverynthiaKoko wa RakuensouNot Safe for Work
v1012.122011-12-13 at 21:57slv76Koko wa RakuensouFull cover
v1012.112011-07-26 at 14:25stompKoko wa Rakuensounew cover
v1012.102010-08-04 at 06:56koinodensetsuKoko wa RakuensouFixed romaji title and added alias.
v1012.92010-05-04 at 19:46tjmKoko wa RakuensoOne more screenshot NSFW, just to be safe.
v1012.82010-02-17 at 21:30beliarKoko wa RakuensoScreens.
v1012.72009-12-24 at 18:02izmosmolnarKoko wa Rakuensomain title
v1012.62009-12-24 at 18:00izmosmolnarParadise Heightsorig title
v1012.52008-08-21 at 20:29multiParadise HeightsReverse relation update caused by revision v1013.4
v1012.42008-08-21 at 20:04multiParadise HeightsReverse relation update caused by revision v1013.1
v1012.32008-08-21 at 09:47yorhelParadise HeightsIt's pretty rare to find screenshots on MobyGames that actually pass our guidelines... link
v1012.22008-08-21 at 08:14yorhelParadise HeightsRemoved alias (listed in r1994), more standard source quoting, and added some ugly cropped screenshot as image... couldn't find anything better.
v1012.12008-08-21 at 00:00nymphobeParadise Heightsa game developed by Foster and published by Otaku absent in vndb so i are adds ^^