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v1013.152016-12-16 at 03:43jazz957Koko wa Rakuensou 2alias
v1013.142015-11-07 at 00:02jazz957Koko wa Rakuensou 2Removing Yokota Mamoru, unless Kakutou Genga Man is one of his aliases. Staff
v1013.132015-03-19 at 23:36tenteishinshiKoko wa Rakuensou 2add
v1013.122014-10-24 at 10:39beliarKoko wa Rakuensou 2redundancy
v1013.112011-12-13 at 22:01slv76Koko wa Rakuensou 2Bigger cover
v1013.102010-08-04 at 06:56koinodensetsuKoko wa Rakuensou 2Fixed romaji.
v1013.92010-02-18 at 00:32beliarKoko wa Rakuenso 2Screens, alias.
v1013.82009-12-24 at 18:03izmosmolnarKoko wa Rakuenso 22
v1013.72009-12-24 at 18:03izmosmolnarKoko wa Rakuensonormal titles
v1013.62009-05-01 at 17:38multiParadise Heights 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v1702.1
v1013.52008-08-29 at 11:04maouParadise Heights 2Added screenshot-release info English screenshots are english.
v1013.42008-08-21 at 20:29yorhelParadise Heights 2Reversed relation, Gave some categories a bit more strengh, Removed spaces around url-bbcode, Added some random screenshots from mobygames
v1013.32008-08-21 at 20:22nymphobeParadise Heights 2fixed error in title
v1013.22008-08-21 at 20:09nymphobeParadise Heightstrying to fix bbcode error
v1013.12008-08-21 at 20:04nymphobeParadise Heightsadded another classical game by Foster