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Night Work ~Yachou no I-ta-zu-ra~

ナイトワーク ~夜蝶のイ・タ・ズ・ラ~

TitleNight Work ~Yachou no I-ta-zu-ra~
Original titleナイトワーク ~夜蝶のイ・タ・ズ・ラ~


Main character becomes a host in a night club after falling victim to restructuring of the company. The night club is having difficulties and may shut down in two months time, so they don't mind recruiting a newcomer without experience.

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Japanese (1)
2000-04-2818+Night Work ~Yachou no I-ta-zu-ra~


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        Character summary

        Adachi AsumiMain character
        ChiyokoMain character
        Ishizuka AnnaMain character
        Katou NanayoMain character
        Ooki NatsueMain character
        Saitou MegumiMain character
        Saitou RikaMain character
        Tokiwa KeikoMain character
        Itsuchou ShouSide character

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