Little Witch Reinette ~Swan no Namida Rhapsody~

リトル・ウィッチ レネット 〜スワンの涙ラプソディ〜

Little Witch Reinette ~Swan no Namida Rhapsody~
TitleLittle Witch Reinette ~Swan no Namida Rhapsody~
Original titleリトル・ウィッチ レネット 〜スワンの涙ラプソディ〜
DeveloperKogado Studio
Publishers Kogado Studio
 Dayu Zixun
Parfait Fan Box
Same series
Little Witch Parfait


It starts with a magical competition mentioned in original Little Witch Parfait. Now from Reinette point of view.

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1999-09-23  Little Witch Reinette ~Swan no Namida Rhapsody~Non-freeCommercial640x4802 CDs  
2005-03-2512+  Little Witch Parfait Complete PackNon-freeCommercial1 DVD  
2000-09-28  Xiaomonv LeiniteNon-freeCommercial640x480Traditional Chinese


Character summary

Main character Cocotte Kirshe
Voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori
Main character Flore Milfia
Voiced by Sango Minako
Main character Parfait Sucreal
Voiced by Koyama Kimiko
Main character Reinette Kirsche
Voiced by Mizuki Nana
Main characterSakemasu
Voiced by Mita Yuuko
Side character Feel Rousset
Voiced by Ishida Akira

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  Little Witch Reinette ~Swan no Namida Rhapsody~

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