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Pocket Kanojo ~Hakudaku Ningyou~

ポケット彼女 ~白濁人形~

Pocket Kanojo ~Hakudaku Ningyou~Explicit / Tame (15)
ポケット彼女 ~白濁人形~
Pocket Kanojo ~Hakudaku Ningyou~
Play timeShort (2h20m from 1 votes)
PublishersParanoia/Fact? & N43 Project
Shopssponsored links» JP¥ 3036 @ DLsite


Hideki Minami has a one-sided crush on Chiaki Horie, who attends the same school.

Hideki, who lacks communication skills to begin with, only has fun interacting with bishoujo figurines and bishoujo figurine enthusiasts on web forums. One day, he discovers a way to miniaturize humans and succeeds in making Chiaki figurine-sized. He has the heroine he admires live in his room and tortures her to the fullest...

[Roughly translated from product page]