Onna Kenshi Clarice ~Ingyaku no Hanayome~


TitleOnna Kenshi Clarice ~Ingyaku no Hanayome~
Original title女剣士クラリス~淫虐の花嫁~
AliasesFemale Blade Clarice
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperGyuunyuu Soft
Publishers Gyuunyuu Soft


Several years ago, Raiden was a young man who was living in Longstar.
However, an incident occurred and he swore revenge.
He sold his soul to get immortal body and was born again as a evil king.

Set in a world of sword and magic.
Raiden Bourg controls Dong, and seeks his wife to prosper his kingdom. His target is the princess of Longstar, Stella Link.
Summoned monster kidnaps Stella. Hearing the news, a female fencer named Claris Duke goes to save her.

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