Oni no Sumu Sakura


Oni no Sumu Sakura
TitleOni no Sumu Sakura
Original title鬼ノ棲ム桜
Publishers AnotherRoom


The university college mystery research group tries to recreate the events of a legend that happened 300 years ago. At that time young priest arrived at "Touchou Shrine" and was a witness of 60 villagers massacre from the hands of a demon. That priest managed to defeat the demon in the end.
The research club has a bullied member who's going to have his revenge this night. As the bells ring only red moon envelops the screams of the girls. Only unstoppable desire and murderous intent governs this night so that the legend gets repainted.

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2000-05-1918+  Oni no Sumu SakuraNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD


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