Slave/Master ~Kanojo to Kanojo o Shibatta Kusari~


TitleSlave/Master ~Kanojo to Kanojo o Shibatta Kusari~
Original titleSlave/Master~彼女とカノジョを縛った鎖~
AliasesSlave/Master - Bound Girl to Girl
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Harmonia


Shuusuke was sexually unsatisfied and tired of the game.
That's when his younger twin Yuusuke asked for advice:
"How do you get all the way to making it with a girl?"
Shuusuke's heart lifted at his brother's enthusiasm.
But not to help. He saw a chance to revive his own
libido by stealing away the subject of his brother's love.

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ADV 3.0 Nukige 3.0 Sexual Slavery 3.0 Netori 3.0 BDSM 2.0


2010-09-0718+  Slave/Master ~Kanojo to Kanojo o Shibatta Kusari~Fully voicedNon-freeDoujin800x600Internet download  

Character summary

Protagonist Takiguchi Shuusuke
Protagonist Takiguchi Yuusuke
Main character Kujou Haruka
Voiced by Mizushima Rion
Main character Sakisaka Minato
Voiced by Kuromoto Naisa
Side character Higuchi Yoshino
Voiced by Amamiya Tsuneko

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