Edit history of Lovely x Cation 2

v10288.262020-03-29 at 00:38mrkewLovely x Cation 2Just the length of all the voice files, not including any of the appends, is over 30 hours.
v10288.252019-11-10 at 22:47kdabraone1Lovely x Cation 2...Nop my Bad
v10288.242019-11-03 at 10:15shinnewLovely x Cation 2Wikidata.
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v10288.222017-10-25 at 16:36multiLovely x Cation 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v20406.19
v10288.212017-10-22 at 16:48multiLovely x Cation 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v20406.15
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v10288.192016-06-19 at 10:12traumatizerLovely x Cation 2staff
v10288.182016-01-26 at 04:29lexLovely x Cation 2Added VC for Seine
v10288.172015-12-18 at 18:31lexLovely x Cation 2Added cv for tendou and wakoto's grandfather
v10288.162015-12-04 at 11:46multiLovely x Cation 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v6682.22
v10288.152015-10-28 at 22:08varioLovely x Cation 2staff
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v10288.132015-09-07 at 09:46weilaiLovely x Cation 2.
v10288.122015-02-15 at 10:26askatmatLovely x Cation 2`
v10288.112015-02-01 at 05:30no3lLovely x Cation 2Add Seiyu of Izumi Wakoto
v10288.102015-01-30 at 21:55traumatizerLovely x Cation 2Cast
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v10288.82013-05-11 at 05:55handover111Lovely x Cation 2Screenshots.
v10288.72013-04-01 at 09:25nekonekogirlLovely x Cation 2Added description.
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v10288.12012-04-29 at 15:58liemyxLovely x Cation2Added new game.