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Koibito Ijou Dansei Miman

恋人以上 男性未満

TitleKoibito Ijou Dansei Miman
Original title恋人以上 男性未満
AliasesMore Than A Lover, Less Than A Man
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)


A Tsundere R-18 Young Love Adventure Game

Protagonist Yuu Yoshida knows that his childhood friend Kyoko has a fear of males and helps her overcome it.
At first she's apprehensive but as it's for her own good she tries hard, and slowly...

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Japanese (1)
2012-04-2118+Koibito Ijou Dansei Miman


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        Sagisawa KyoukoMain character
        Voiced by Fuzuki Kikyou

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