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v1030.132016-09-10 at 09:58varioBible Black -The Infection-scenario
v1030.122016-07-10 at 19:01hiv-spreaderBible Black -The Infection-link Added the rest of the cast. Missing one seiyuu who doesn't seem to be registered in VNDB.
v1030.112016-07-06 at 23:15hiv-spreaderBible Black -The Infection-From a distributor's website. link
v1030.102015-11-23 at 00:36rnduserBible Black -The Infection-Added a note for staff member Sei Shoujo.
v1030.92015-11-23 at 00:32rnduserBible Black -The Infection-Added a note for the staff member Shadow.
v1030.82015-11-23 at 00:30rnduserBible Black -The Infection-Changed the credit type of Sei Shoujo from Staff to Artist.
v1030.72015-11-23 at 00:29rnduserBible Black -The Infection-Added Sei Shoujo as artist because the game includes some of his pictures from the prequel.
v1030.62015-11-23 at 00:02rnduserBible Black -The Infection-Added Shadow as Artist because his Japanese name 影道 is listed in the staff roll under "Original picture".
v1030.52013-05-18 at 13:35binfujiwaraBible Black -The Infection-cover
v1030.42012-04-21 at 22:41as17Bible Black -The Infection-Added screenshots
v1030.32010-08-18 at 16:33shinnewBible Black -The Infection-Length.
v1030.22009-03-29 at 16:13multiBible Black -The Infection-Reverse relation update caused by revision v9.11
v1030.12008-09-01 at 00:11mereckBible Black -The Infection-Since my choices for the categories are based on description, screenshot and conclusions from the precedent one, feel free to modify them if you