Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da!


TitleMaou no Kuse ni Namaiki da!
Original title魔王のくせに生イキだっ!
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da! 2 ~Kondo ...
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Kuranosuke has reached his 30th birthday, becoming a ‘wizard’ (sadly) and ‘celebrating’ with his 2D waifu Kanata. Then a bishoujo who called herself ‘maou’ came out of his monitor! It appeared that he could become the legendary ‘most powerful wizard’ who is greatly sought after by the four maou who wished to unite the demon world. In order to become the ‘most powerful wizard’, he needed to train his vitality by having lots of sex.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

Maou Heroine 3.0 Demon Heroine 2.5 High Sexual Content 2.3 Maid Heroine 2.3 Multiple Endings 2.2 Harem Ending 2.2 ADV 2.2 Late Branching Plot 2.0 Otaku Protagonist 2.0 Nukige 2.0 Bondage 2.0 Fictional Modern Day Japanese Town 2.0 Protagonist's Rival as a Heroine 2.0 Map Movement 2.0 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 2.0 Chuunibyou Heroine 2.0 Comedy 2.0 Coodere Heroine 2.0 Kitsune Heroine 2.0 Male Protagonist 2.0 Adult Protagonist 2.0 Loli Heroine 2.0 Ejaculation Choice 2.0 Outdoor Sex 2.0 Heroine with Beauty Mark 2.0 Naked Sprites 2.0 Deepthroat 2.0 Hikikomori Protagonist 2.0 Anal Toys 2.0 Magic 2.0 Masochist Heroine 2.0 Bisexual Heroine 2.0 Defloration During Common Route 2.0 Piledriver 2.0 Protagonist as the Only Male 2.0 Bathroom Sex 2.0 Protagonist with a Sprite 2.0 Naga Heroine 2.0 Facesitting 2.0 Under the Same Roof 2.0 Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki 2.0 Modern Day Tokyo 2.0 Succubus Heroine 2.0 Arrogant Heroine 2.0 Energy Transfer via Sex 2.0 Sexual Devices 2.0 Dojikko Heroine 2.0 Protagonist with a Face 2.0 Defloration 2.0 Sex in Public Places 2.0 More Than Seven Heroines 2.0 Orphan Heroine 2.0 Wake-up Sex 2.0 Bokukko Heroine 2.0 Clothed Female Naked Male 2.0 Game Over 2.0 Missionary Position 2.0 Monster Girl Heroine 2.0 Sixty-nine 2.0 Internal Exhibition of Sex 2.0 Slime Monster Rape 2.0 Consensual Sex Involving Slime Monsters 2.0 Triple Blowjob 2.0 Heroine with Ahoge 2.0 Heroine with Intake Hairstyle 2.0 Anilingus 2.0 Tribadism 2.0 Cunnilingus 2.0 Sex in a Vehicle 2.0 Doggy Style 2.0 Female Ejaculation 2.0 Monster Girl Support Character 1.8 PregnancyS 1.8 Pregnant SexS 1.8 Tsundere Heroine 1.5 Big Breast Sizes Heroine 1.2 WeddingS 1.0 Urination Fetish 1.0 Heroine With Kansai Accent 1.0 Intercrural Sex 1.0 Piss Drinking 1.0 Footjob 1.0 Masturbation 0.3 Anal Penetration 0.3 Boobjob 0.3 Cosplay 0.3 Blowjob 0.3 Lolicon 0.3

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Main characters

Angelica Noru Pertsovkaアンジェリカ・ノル・ペルツォフカ
AliasesAsmodeus, Ann
MeasurementsHeight: 157cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 98-58-89cm
HairAhoge, Red, Waist Length+, White
EyesRed, Slit Pupils
BodyBig Breast Sizes, Demon Tail, Horns, Pale, Pointed Ears, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBikini, Blindfold, Corset, Garter Belt Stockings, Naked Apron, Overall, Thigh-high Stockings
Engages inShapeshifting
Voiced byOukawa Mio


One of the four Demon Lords

Eleanor Est Rothschildエレアノール・エスト・ロートシルト
AliasesBael, Elea
MeasurementsHeight: 146cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 76-51-80cm
HairBlack, Blond, Twin Braids, Waist Length+
BodyHorns, Kid, Small Breast Sizes
ClothesBikini, Crown, Nurse's Cap, Nurse Uniform, One Piece Swimsuit, School Swimsuit, Thigh-high Stockings
PersonalityEnergetic, Kansai-ben
Engages inCosplay, Shapeshifting
Voiced byMamiya Yuzu


One of the four Demon Lords. She is sometimes seen as a huge muscular girl.

Meishao Shii Kaoryanchuuメイシャオ・シー・カオリャンチュウ
AliasesAstaroth, May
MeasurementsHeight: 159cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 90-51-84cm
HairBlue, Blunt Bangs, Brown, Hime Cut, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
BodyBig Breast Sizes, Furry Tail, Multiple Tails, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBikini, Chinese Dress, Hair Ribbon, Kanzashi, Kemonomimi Headband, Miniskirt, Pantyhose, Sandals, Shimapan, Thigh-high Stockings
ItemsSmoking Pipe
PersonalityArrogant, Tsundere
RoleFox, Maou
Engages inShapeshifting
Voiced byNatsuno Koori


One of the four Demon Lords. She is a nine tailed fox.

Side characters

Demerara Orendainデメララ・オレンダイン
MeasurementsHeight: 164cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 102-61-92cm
HairEye Covering, Parted to Side, Violet, Waist Length+
BodyBig Breast Sizes, Mole, Pale, Pointed Ears, Reptilian Tail, Young-adult
ClothesMaid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, Naked Apron
RoleLamia, Maid, Monster Girl, Not a Virgin
Engages inCleaning, Cooking
Voiced byHimuro Yuri


Works as a maid for Ascension. She is a naga.

Jitnya Noru Butokaジトニャ・ノル・ブトカ
Aliasesジッタ, Jitta
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 83-55-80cm
HairPink, Waist Length+
BodyDemon Tail, Horns, Pale, Pointed Ears, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesGlasses, Maid's Dress, Naked Apron, Thigh-high Stockings
RoleBisexual, Demon, Maid, Not a Virgin, Succubus
Engages inCleaning, Cooking
Voiced byKurata Mariya


Works as a maid for Angelica. She is a succubus.

Leovir Bartonレオヴィル・バルトン
MeasurementsHeight: 154cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 87-56-88cm
HairBlond, Short
BodyReverse-trap, Teen
ClothesHeadband, Naked Apron, Sarashi, Uniform
RoleArachne, Butler, Monster Girl, Not a Virgin
Engages inCleaning, Cooking, Sadism, Shapeshifting
Subject ofSplit Personality
Voiced byYuzuhara Miu


Works as a butler for Eleanor. She is a spider girl.