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Original titleしすこん~妹魂~
AliasesSiscon, Siskon
DeveloperAngel Smile
PublishersAngel Smile


Naoki Tachibana is madly in love with his little sister, Miyuki. However, because he's her brother, he can't cross the line. Instead, he falls head-over-heels for a popular singer, Ayumi Tenkawa. She looks just like Miyuki.

One day, Naoki receives a letter from his dad stating that Miyuki and Naoki are not blood-related, and that his dad's new wife's daughter, who happens to be Ayumi, will come to live with them.

The peaceful household suddenly changes into a battlefield of love!

This new title from Angel Smile is a slapstick comedy AVG. Cute girls are out to get you!

Miyuki Tachibana: A very smart but shy girl. She's on the archery team. She's in love
with Naoki, but...
Ayumi Tenkawa: A very popular singer. Her mom is married to Naoki's father and comes
to live with them. She seems like the "perfect girl," but the truth is...
Urara Shiratori: Another new singer. She's competing with Ayumi for the top spot.
Sayuri Akiyoshi: Naoki's homeroom teacher. Although she hasn't realized it yet, she's
very popular among male students at school.
Akiru Yamada: Ayumi and Urara's manager. She's always twisted around with their selfishness. She's not a very happy person.

Can you survive this love battle!?

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2002-09-2018+Shisukon - Limited Edition
2002-09-2018+Shisukon - Regular Edition
2009-04-2418+Shisukon - Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

ProtagonistTachibana Naoki
Main characterTachibana Miyuki
Voiced by Aisaki Miyo
Main characterTenkawa Ayumi
Voiced by Sakaki Runa
Side characterAkiyoshi Sayuri
Voiced by Watabe Yuu
Side characterShiratori Urara
Voiced by Kawai Misaki
Side characterYamada Akiru
Voiced by Imai Kaoru

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