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Souin ~Chijoku ni Somaru Trauma~

操淫 ~恥辱に染まるトラウマ~

TitleSouin ~Chijoku ni Somaru Trauma~
Original title操淫 ~恥辱に染まるトラウマ~
Alternative version
Souin Ningyou ~Inran Counseling~
Souin Ningyou ~Jogakusei o Ayatsuru O...
Souin Ningyou ~Obieru Shoujo-tachi~
Souin Ningyou ~Oshiego to no Inkou~
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Main character is a novice teacher, but students treat him without respect. He attends a seminar where he learns that to regain self-confidence he must overcome his fear of students. Instructor dresses as school girl and taunts protagonist so that he is able to leash his anger at her and violate her. After several sessions main character is invited to become instructor himself. So here is an innocent girl who comes to his seminar, and former instructor suggests using learned methods on her...

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2007-03-0618+Souin ~Chijoku ni Somaru Trauma~ Trial Edition
2007-03-2318+Souin ~Chijoku ni Somaru Trauma~
2009-04-1718+Souin ~Chijoku ni Somaru Trauma~ Download Edition


    Full character list

    Character summary

    Main characterAyase Saki
    Voiced by Takamura Mizuho
    Main characterHinagi Tomomi
    Voiced by Okugawa Kumiko
    Main characterKousaka Yuna
    Voiced by Moriyama Aoi
    Main characterMaki Azusa
    Voiced by Takamura Mizuho
    Main characterMikuriya Satomi
    Voiced by Mahilo
    Main characterNagumo Wakana
    Voiced by Miyazono Marin
    Main characterToudou Maria
    Voiced by Nashimoto Yuuri
    Main characterWatarai Shizuka
    Voiced by Shimada Kaori

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