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Toga ~Kegareta Shizuku~


TitleToga ~Kegareta Shizuku~
Original title咎~ケガレタシズク~
Aliases咎 ~けがれたしずく~
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Main character's past of abuse by his father keeps pursuing him. One day a girl who claims to be his sister shows up, and they have a confrontation. Then his former tutor who is also his first sexual partner, shows up. Protagonist's heart gets violently disturbed - what will he do?

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2002-04-1218+Toga ~Kegareta Shizuku~
2007-05-0218+Toga ~Kegareta Shizuku~ Download Edition


  • Vocals
  • Higuchi RenOP "Toga ~Ibara Hime no Mitsu~", ED "Tsuki to Taiyou"

Full character list

Character summary

Kiyosumi NanaoMain character
Voiced by Nagase Emiya
Morishita KajuMain character
Oogibashi MaikaMain character
Sumiyoshi IkuMain character
Voiced by Okada Mio
Touyou HikaruMain character
Voiced by Sumoto Ayana
Eitai HarunoriSide character
Tomioka TsumuguSide character
Voiced by Yanbaru Kuina

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