Tenshitsuki no Shoujo


Tenshitsuki no Shoujo
TitleTenshitsuki no Shoujo
Original title天使憑きの少女
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
PublishersNail & Orange Pekoe & Daidai Inc.
Present for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~
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A story about a girl's wish for a Miracle consisting of four chapters. The common theme in all of them is "Wish", and "Miracle".

The first story is about Maria, who lived a quiet life with her mother, her parents having divorced when she was still young. This ended when due to malpractice her mother died during a routine surgery intended to remove a benign tumor. Left with nothing but some reparations and a burning anger for the doctor who committed the careless error, her wish to kill grew stronger as time passed. One day, she confessed her thoughts of vengeance to the school nurse. The nurse instead of criticizing her, gave her a suspicious smile and a gun.

Fastforwarding several years, Maria finds herself in a similar boat, as being in the position of a surgeon, and against all odds she has to find the means to save a girl suffering of heart conditions. The only thing which could help them is a "Miracle".

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