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v10392.172017-01-27 at 12:20ak5shaysFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~Change Duration
v10392.162017-01-24 at 15:10ak5shaysFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~Added voice actor for Kamiwazumi Maya
v10392.152015-07-31 at 01:31wakaranaiFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~staff&cast
v10392.142015-02-12 at 10:44necrofantasiaFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~staff
v10392.132015-01-29 at 20:24weilaiFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~.
v10392.122014-06-26 at 03:34himesFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~screenshots
v10392.112014-06-22 at 06:19himesFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~length
v10392.102014-02-14 at 01:24multiFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~Reverse relation update caused by revision v14695.5
v10392.92014-02-12 at 19:50multiFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~Reverse relation update caused by revision v14695.2
v10392.82014-02-12 at 19:49multiFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~Reverse relation update caused by revision v14695.1
v10392.72012-12-07 at 08:17shinnewFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~Animu.
v10392.62012-07-04 at 13:50kreatorFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~The image is not safe for work
v10392.52012-06-07 at 04:17nananaFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~desc
v10392.42012-05-17 at 12:53nananaFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~cover
v10392.32012-05-16 at 11:58reoFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~edit romaji title
v10392.22012-05-16 at 11:58reoFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~ First Press Editionedit relation
v10392.12012-05-16 at 11:56reoFault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~ First Press Editionadd new vn