Victim ~Datenshi no Chigiri~


Victim ~Datenshi no Chigiri~
TitleVictim ~Datenshi no Chigiri~
Original titleVICTIM~堕天使の契り~
DeveloperAqua House
Publishers Aqua House


The Demons, (The Race of Darkness) are attacked by the Angels. (The Pure White Race)They face utter annihilation. To prevent this from happening, the young and noble second prince of the demon king sets out in search of the oldest member of his clan to seek advice. He finds an old hag and learns of a legend that the world will be saved by one of the daughters of angel royalty. This young girl must vow to never fall in love. Through having relationships without emotion, her child will become the savior of the demon world. Upon learning of this legend, the prince stealthily abducts a royal princess and confines her in a detached house within the castle walls. From that day on, the prince and the angel begin their unemotional sex rituals on a daily basis.

However, this legend also states, "should their relationship become emotional, both of them will likely meet with disaster." The story proceeds along these fiendish lines.

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