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DARK †Shitsuraku no Shimai Ningyou†

DARK †失楽の姉妹人形†

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DARK †Shitsuraku no Shimai Ningyou†Explicit / Tame (22)
DARK †失楽の姉妹人形†
DARK †Shitsuraku no Shimai Ningyou†
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperSupple Entertainment
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Medieval kingdoms world. The struggle between humans and other races ends with the victory of human beings with the other races getting oppressed. Main character is a dark elf who makes a fortune in the slave trade by supplying humans with peculiar species. He swears revenge on the elf race who destroyed his homeland. This time he makes elf girls his slaves and humiliates them for the sins of their race. But it's only a mistake...

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Japanese (2)
2005-03-2518+DARK †Shitsuraku no Shimai Ningyou† - Download Edition
2005-03-2518+DARK †Shitsuraku no Shimai Ningyou† - Package Edition


Full character list

Character summary

EurekaMain character
Voiced by Oda Mari
Seruru LidiaMain character
Voiced by Okuyama Ayumi
Tiara LidiaMain character
SakumoSide character
Voiced by Mayu

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