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v1042.102017-05-13 at 09:27nekonekogirlQueen Bonjorno! ~Joou wa Seifuku o Nuida~staff
v1042.92015-08-10 at 16:12mrgannosukeQueen Bonjorno! ~Joou wa Seifuku o Nuida~Adding voice casts to my favorite games
v1042.82015-05-06 at 16:30aerQueen Bonjorno! ~Joou wa Seifuku o Nuida~Artist.
v1042.72013-04-12 at 09:43binfujiwaraQueen Bonjorno! ~Joou wa Seifuku o Nuida~alias
v1042.62013-04-12 at 09:26binfujiwaraQueen Bonjorno! ~Joou wa Seifuku o Nuida~image, alias
v1042.52011-08-19 at 12:04arkady18Queen Bonjorno! ~Joou wa Seifuku o Nuida~t1997#8
v1042.42010-10-27 at 08:43vorlonQueen Bonjorno! ~Joou ha Seifuku o Nuida~Screenshots
v1042.32010-03-31 at 16:06atlantimaQueen Bonjorno! ~Joou ha Seifuku o Nuida~jp title
v1042.22010-02-17 at 16:24cympakQueen Bonjorno! ~Joou ha Seifuku o Nuida~add screenshots...
v1042.12008-09-05 at 13:13echomateriaQueen Bonjorno! ~Joou ha Seifuku o Nuida~Source: link & link