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Seiyuu[empty]Nashimoto Yuuri as Kamimura Mikoto
Nashimoto Yuuri as Inoue Yuu
Kiichigo Sakura as Ezaki Leona
Kiichigo Sakura as Mitsuba Rina

Shukushou Byoutou


TitleShukushou Byoutou
Original title縮小病棟
AliasesShukyusho Byoto, Hospital for "Tom Thumb" Boys, Reduced Hospital
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers I-Raf-You


The story begins as a high school boy named Origuchi Shinobu is brought to the hospital for treatment. During his special treatment, Dr. Leona shrinks him down to the tiny size of 5cm, surely by "accident." Realizing the rare opportunity the "good" Dr. Leona now has, Origuchi becomes her personal plaything. She isn't the only to enjoy the wonders of a 5cm boy however. Your "trusted" nurse, shy classmate, and even your adorable little sister-in-law are ready to show how much they love their new favorite toy.

[from a review by Mario on DLsite English]


2006-04-1318+  Shukushou ByoutouNon-freeDoujin800x600Internet download  

Character summary

Main character Ezaki Leona
Voiced by Kiichigo Sakura
Main character Inoue Yuu
Voiced by Nashimoto Yuuri
Main character Kamimura Mikoto
Voiced by Nashimoto Yuuri
Main character Mitsuba Rina
Voiced by Kiichigo Sakura

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