Hakkyou Taima Miko

孕狂 胎魔巫女 ~はっきょう たいまみこ~

TitleHakkyou Taima Miko
Original title孕狂 胎魔巫女 ~はっきょう たいまみこ~
AliasesBearing Insanity: Uteral Exorcist Shrine Maiden
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperAbalone Kiss
Publishers Abalone Kiss


Pure and Innocent, these Twin Shrine Maidens are
assailed by an endless barrage of interspecial r*pe!

Enjoy the merciless onslaught as they bear the seeds of insanity!

Their pure maiden bodies... their genitals and uteri...
pillaged and sullied by the evil demon hordes!
Their spawn grow at unbelievable speeds to cause
a birthing hell on earth for these beautiful girls!!

There is no rest for the wicked... nor for their prey!!

Restrained by tentacles, these Miko can do nothing
but have their bellies pumped full of vile spawn-cum
and give birth to monstrosities all day and night long!

[From DLsite English]