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Apathy - Rental Kazoku

アパシー レンタル家族

TitleApathy - Rental Kazoku
Original titleアパシー レンタル家族
DeveloperNanakorobi Hachikorogari
PublishersNanakorobi Hachikorogari
Same setting
Apathy - Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi...


A man who seeks a family.
A girl who remembers father only in her memories.
A young man who is entangled in lies.
A child who has no place to return to.
This is a story where these people meet and find happiness in each other. And thus a small miracle is born.

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2008-06-27Apathy - Rental Kazoku
2018-09-27Apathy - Rental Kazoku - Download Edition


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Abe HiroyukiMain character
Hokabe HarouMain character
Mayama HisaeMain character
Shinoda ToshioMain character
Tamura YuukoMain character

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