Inki no Su


Inki no Su
TitleInki no Su
Original title淫鬼の巣
Publishers Clione & AquaWave


Main character is a student who suddenly gets a personality of a rapist. The targets are girls around him. Will he keep this attitude or regain his real self?

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2001-07-1918+  Inki no SuNon-freeCommercial2 CDs  
2003-04-3018+  Kichiku ~Risei no Sentaku~Non-freeCommercial1 DVD


Character summary

Main character Atomiya Maiko
Voiced by Konoha Kaede
Main character Emori Yayoi
Voiced by Sakurai Shouko
Main character Katayama Minori
Voiced by Sumoto Ayana
Main character Kirishima Ayumi
Voiced by Natsuki Sumire
Main character Kouda Kazumi
Voiced by Hokuto Minami
Main character Mochizuki Narumi
Voiced by Torii Kanon
Main character Takenaka Yumiko
Voiced by Houjou Asuka

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